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Humans of Etown: Nicole Huegel

Nicole, Junior, with her friends in Japan (Photo Courtesy of Nicole Huegel)
Nicole, Junior, with her friends in Japan (Photo Courtesy of Nicole Huegel)

Nicole Huegel, Junior, Japanese Major, Currently studying abroad

“I spent six months in Japan for my study abroad program. I attended a great language school, KCP International, and it was the best six months of my life, even with the homesickness, lack of funds, and my horrible cold during finals week. I learned so much about the culture and the Japanese language while making friends from all over the world. With so many language barriers, Japanese was the only way we could bridge the gap and communicate on an equal playing field. The experience challenged me in more ways than I can say and cemented my goal to work in Japanese-English localization work when I graduate from Elizabethtown.”


Humans of Etown: Holly Stegna

Holly and some of her classmates in Nagoya, Japan. (Photo courtesy of Holly Stegna)
Holly (front) and some of her classmates in Nagoya, Japan.
(Photo courtesy of Holly Stegna)

For Holly Stegna, junior,  she has grown an intense love for all things Japanese over the course of her life. She is currently studying overseas at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. She plans to return to Elizabethtown for her Senior year.

During her time in Japan, she has learned a lot, and noticed a lot of differences between Elizabethtown College and Nanzan University.

She said in an email interview, “I’m in an international student program, but I am still immersed with the Japanese students. Etown has lots of clubs and sports, but Nanzan (and probably all other Japanese universities) has “circles” which have a strong social aspect. Whoever is in your circle is most likely going to be your tight group of friends. Almost every Japanese student joins a circle. American students tend to join several clubs/sports, where as Japanese students focus all their time on just one circle. I’m not part of a circle because I have to leave half way between the Japanese semester system, but all my Japanese friends are in circles.”

Not only has she noticed differences between the colleges, she also noticed many other cultural differences. Some of which being the fact that Japanese people are extremely respectful of people, and the Earth. They recycle everything and you never see any trash on the streets.

” In the Japanese language, there is an entirely different set of words you use to talk to someone who is older than you, someone you’ve met for the first time, or in formal situations.”

Studying abroad is a very different and enriching experience, and for anyone who is considering studying abroad, Holly has some advice.

” I would recommend speaking to someone new from your school abroad every day. I’ve noticed that if I approach someone, they almost always say ‘I always want to talk to international students, but I don’t know if they want to talk to me!’ Especially in Japan, it may be hard to tell if non-Japanese people can speak Japanese. But if you approach them, they’ll be over-the-moon that you want to be their friend. ”


During her time in Japan, Holly has been posting regular Vlogs on her Youtube channel, which can be found here.

(Lauren Poland, Kim Morris, Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams)

Panic! At the Disco turns back time in “Death of a Bachelor” album

Panic! At the Disco’s 2016 album, “Death of a Bachelor” hits your ear just right with new swinging melodies as well as some classic Panic! sounds. Formed in 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross began building one of the most popular alternative rock bands of the decade. Unfortunately, Smith and Ross left the band so Urie is the only original member left. It is said that Smith and Ross left the band due to creative differences. Because of this, Urie decided to record this new album all by himself, recording all of the instrumental, vocal, and rhythm parts in his self-named home studio called “Urielectric”.

Panic! at the Disco just finished up their tour of the United States that spanned 36 cities across the country.

“Death of a Bachelor” is unlike any of their other albums, this being Urie’s first album being the only remaining member, he was able to do things his way. Urie is a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and jazz music. This can be heard very clearly in tracks such as “Crazy=Genius”, The title track Death of a Bachelor and an intermission-type track called Impossible Year which slows things down a bit. There are many that would say this track brings down the mood, but it adds a good contrast to the other tracks on the album.

One of the main goals for Brendon Urie is to make every album sound different. Urie also pulls in bits of other well-known songs into his own which creates a connection between genres. In his song, “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, the theme from B-52’s 1979 hit, “Rock Lobster,can be heard very prominently in the beginning which pulls you in leaving you wanting more. For those who are into jazz, “Crazy=Genius” would be the song for you. A drum beat reflective of Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing” runs throughout the entire piece which causes this song to be extremely energy-driven.

If you enjoy musical variation and variation in genre, this is the album for you. There is a wide variety of styles that will surely make you panic, but in a good way.

Elizabethtown College Women’s Tennis Looking Ahead

The Elizabethtown College Women’s Tennis team’s season is under way. With their current record being 4-4, it’s anyones guess as to how their season will end. But the team has high hopes. Lead by seniors Taylor Helsel, Brook Hillriegel, and Madison McCall, the ladies are hopeful for a good end to their college career.

Madison McCall, senior, is one of 11 players in Elizabethtown College tennis history to reach 100 total career victories. In an email interview, she reflected on these past four years saying, “I could not have reached it [the 100 wins] without the immense support of all my teammates and the depth in talent that the team has over the last four years.” As a senior, she’s looking forward to every last match. She consistently had many wonderful things to say about her teammates, “I am trying to enjoy every last minute that I have left with such a wonderful group of girls.”

For Laura Gribble, sophomore, she enjoys the best of both worlds. She is involved with music as well as tennis. In the spring, she juggles classes, jazz band rehearsals and tennis. She said in an email interview that her coaches and professors work together to make sure that she is able to do the things that she loves. For many college athletes, it is very hard to balance their sport, classes and social life. “Time management and setting priorities are extremely important,” Gribble says. She is most excited for the Juanita match this season. “We beat them in the conference championship last year, and it was really close.”

For many of these ladies, they are continuing on from a high school career into their college years. For first year Sarah Donner, this is true. Being a Central York High School alumni, tennis was second nature to her. She said in an email interview that college tennis and high school tennis are different in a few ways. “We had the opportunity to travel to Hilton Head and get to know our team over spring break,” she said. “The format for matches is also different because in high school, we only had two varsity doubles [matches] as opposed to three.”

For this year, it is some’s last season and they will continue to cherish each moment until the end. There are high hopes for our girls’ tennis team this season. For McCall, Gribble and Donner, they love the team atmosphere and can not wait to see what the next couple matches bring. Their next match is Friday, April 7 at 4 p.m. at Muhlenburg.

Etown Faculty and Students Respond to Super Bowl Questions

Article by: Kim Morris, Lauren Poland,  Jamie Verrekia, Brandon Wolf

Super Bowl LI took place on February 5th, 2017 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.  Kickoff happened at 6:30 PM in the NRG Stadium in Huston, Texas. The final score was 34-28 with the Patriots winning in overtime. According to proximately 111.3 million people watched the game, including some Elizabethtown College students and faculty.

At halftime, Lady Gaga performed a mix of her old and new tracks, surrounded by thousands of lights and drones. She dropped from the stadium’s roof into the stadium to perform her solo set. Britani Graver, a sophomore at Elizabethtown said, “I loved the halftime show, I love Lady Gaga!” According to Andy Williams, Director of Broadcasting at Elizabethtown College, “the opening portion of the show was shot a week before-hand due to a no-fly-zone within 35 miles of the stadium.” Gaga used 1,000  drones to illuminate her as her backdrop for her opening.

68 ads were shown between the quarters, several of which were repeats of the same products. Some of the ads shown included Mr. Clean, Skittles, The Nintendo Switch, T-Mobile, and Avacados from Mexico. Matt VanCleef, a junior, didn’t watch the whole game, but he enjoyed watching the ads. “My favorite was the Chrysler Alfa Romero ad.” Williams said, “my favorite was the Kia Motors Eco-Hybrid commercial.”