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OSA Students Working to Entertain ETown, S-W-E-E-T,  had their annual Midterm Meltdown on Wednesday night six to nine p-m in the Blue Bean.  S-W-E-E-T student programmer Mary Kondash shared what theme it was this year.

Mary: “Every year there’s a different theme. This semester our theme is Breakfast at Etown, which is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired theme. We have a lot of blue, we have a lot of pearls.”

Not only were there food to munch on and coffee to drink, OSA also included a coloring table. This table allowed students to make colorful cards for the children staying on the Pediatrics floor in Lancaster General Hospital. Senior Bryn Yunick explains what you can do for them.

Bryn: “The cards are for the children there and students here can fill a card out, put a fun happy saying on them, make a little picture drawing. Then we will collect the cards and bring them when we go visit.”

The Blue Bean was filled with student studying and enjoying all the free food and treats. These included a table filled with veggies, yogurt, fruit, granola, tea, and of course coffee.  Freshman Austin Hall .  Bum-bray is explains why she enjoyed her first midterm meltdown.

Austin: “This really helps because the coffee helps you study if you’re trying to stay awake when you’re studying for an exam or trying to write a paper late at night. Also, the fresh fruit because it’s a healthy snack to eat.”

Cat: Because of the stress of midterms, SW-E-E-T puts on this event called Midterm Meltdown. It’s a nice way to destress with fruit and coffee and to chat with some friends. Reporting for ECTV-40, I’m Cat Papili.

If you missed this semester Midterm Meltdown don’t worry. Check next semester for a new theme and a new arrangement of treats.

Humans of Etown: Sara Kroboth (Individual)

Sara Kroboth

“Everybody that I met in my life knows that I am a huge One Direction fan. I have been since I heard them for the first time my freshman year of high school. I am quite the dedicated fan and would do anything to be able to see them in concert.

Last year I bought tickets to see One Direction in Boston, which is six hours away from where I live. My friend and I bought them a year in advance without even hesitating. Knowing my parents would be mad at me for going to a concert so far away from my home, I decided not to tell them I was going to Boston. I kept it a secret and started to make plans for this long road trip throughout the entire year.

We had everything planned out and about a week before the trip my parents found out about it from the parents of my friend who was going along with me. My mom was furious and demanded my dad to yell at me. Instead of yelling he expressed that he was proud of me for being able able to keep this secret from them for so long. It was so unlike me and he did not think I had it in me.

I was in so much trouble by the end of all this but I ended up still going to the concert in Boston even without the consent of my parents. It was the best time I ever had.

That was the first time in 19 years that I lied to my mother.” 

The Gambler (2015) Review

In Mark Wahlberg’s 2015 film, The Gambler, he plays a literature teacher with a secret life of a gambler. “The Gambler” can be considered as the perfect film for those moviegoers who have a well-known status of paying for a movie ticket and eventually falling asleep while in the theater.

Throughout “The Gambler”, it shows Wahlberg’s character, Jim Bennett, goes through his life as someone who struggles with gambling issues. It tells nothing about his past life before gambling but only about who he meets on the way to and in casinos and where he is gambling throughout the movie. The movie should have been considered under the “silent film” genre. Gambling is a game of silence while only making slight nods to the dealer and possibly making facial movements to trick your competitors into thinking you’re bluffing. Wahlberg definitely succeeded in his role as a gambler, as it shows through the first hour of the movie. There was no dialogue.

The audience watched the movements of characters and tried to guess what was happening. As the movie started to progress to its climax, the audience would then realize that there never was one. Different characters were introduced making the story seem as if it was progressing into a more exciting movie, but it again disappointed as it went back to the silence of Jim’s facial expressions, which hardly showed whether he was winning or losing.

Losing track of time and realizing that they did not know whether the movie is coming to an end or not without looking at their phones, the audience continued to watch Jim battle his “risk taking” life as a gambler. Yet as the movie continued, so did the snores.

Elizabethtown Softball Team Stays Positive After a 16 Game Losing Streak

Elizabethtown College softball team continues to show intensity and passion.
Elizabethtown College softball team continues to show intensity and passion.

Damian Softball

The Elizabethtown College girl’s softball team is continuing to compete for more wins as their 2017 season comes to an end.
This 16 girl team has won three out of the 20 games they have played up to this point in the season. All their wins have been recognized for having such a large point difference and their loses have been less than a six-point margin.
“Our record is not implying how good we are this current season. We are on a losing streak but the team is fighting and getting closer and closer to wins,” head coach Kathy Staib said. “We continue to practice and play hard and if we keep pushing ourselves we are going to get that win.”
From the stands of the game played on Sunday, April 2 against Scranton, sophomore Damian Ulrich, said “The team is showing signs of hope as they continue their season. As long as they keep up the intensity I feel like the rest of the season should turn out pretty well for them.”
Many of the past games have been postponed because of snow and rain. With only 11 more games for the Blue Jays season and a possible conference, there’s a big hope that they are not postponed anymore. The upcoming games for the softball team will be against Ursinus, Catholic, Drew, York, Franklin & Marshall, Muhlenberg, Susquehanna, Dickinson, Messiah and Juniata.
Within their conference the Blue Jays softball team is 0-4 and having a current streak of 3-11 wins and loses the team is still fighting for a place in the conference, which is to be announced.
“My team has an ultimate goal of getting to the conference playoffs and winning. We are trying to come together as a team and all pull in the same direction to achieve our goals and mission,” centerfielder Mara Rhodes stated. “We all believe we can and will break our loosing streak very soon because each game we play is better than the one before it.”

Donald Trumps New Executive Order as President

Mosaic House opens their door to all students of diverse backgrounds
Mosaic House opens their door to all students of diverse backgrounds

On January 27, 2017, President Donald Trump initiated an immigration ban of travelers coming from seven different countries from the Middle East and Africa for 90 to 120 days. These countries include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Not only is Trump banning the undocumented immigration, he is banning the legal immigration of the country also. He is also banning Syrian Refugees that are seeking shelter from the terrorists groups that are happening in their own country. Trump has argued that this was a plan to keep America safe from Islamic terrorist’s groups that were slipping by in the immigration lines. They are all barred from entering the country without warning of this ban.

Director of the Office of Diversity at Elizabethtown College, Monica Smith, said, “Students of all backgrounds have reached out to me to discuss the election results.”

The election has caused an uproar at the college. Many students who are passionate about their rights have gone and marched with fellow students at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. Students are getting actively involved with these problems specially at the Mosaic house, a gathering place for students of diverse backgrounds and interest. This is a place for students to meet, study, lounge, and hold events. The Mosaic House and the students are getting involved with the Women’s March by writing postcards to the student’s political representatives to make sure their voices are heard and to show that blue jays can make a difference. They are also hosting days where students can come and rally for all who are affected by the immigration executive order.

Senior, Ariel Davis-Robinson, an African American student who is actively involved in the diverse community and the Mosaic House on Elizabethtown College’s Campus, expressed that she felt, “devastated, angry and anxious.”

This ban has caused the United States to be named as the most rigorous screening process for refugees. According to Julianne Hing of “The Nation,” said that the screening process includes biometric data, medical screenings, background checks and security screenings with multiple government agencies.

Sophomore Daniella Moreira, part of the Hispanic community, doesn’t understand the reasoning of the ban. “Our rights are being mistreated, immigrants are helping the society. Both my parents were immigrants and now they help in both the medical and government related fields,” she said. “Why ban people who can help the economy?”

The ban continues to be in order for 120 days until the United States decides to initiate a program where they can fully make a critical examination of the problem.