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Community Cupboard


Community Cupboard is a local food pantry and covers areas within the Elizabethtown school district that collects donations and helps people receive food. In order for people to be eligible to get food from the Cupboard they need to live within the area that the food pantry covers, and they need to meet certain income requirements.


Community Cupboard has recently moved locations to the Community Place on Washington, the local social services building in Elizabethtown. In the new building it provides more space for the Cupboard to operate and hold more items for storage. Also in the New building is a kitchen. With the kitchen, the Community Cupboard is hoping to start cooking classes so that they can teach the value of nutritional meals and how to prepare them.


Melissa Rhodes, the head of the Community Cupboard had this to say about the new location. “It’s a new campus that we have been dreaming about for years. We wanted something that all the social services could be under one roof and when this opportunity came up, United Churches Elizabethtown Area jumped on it.”


The Cupboard is divided into different sections that stock different food items. These items include fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and many more. The Community Cupboard is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and are always accepting donations. They accept cans, boxed foods, and anything non-perishable.


If you want to learn more about what you can do for Community Cupboard, you can find them on Facebook and get their contact information there.

Trunk or Treat

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The Elizabethtown College senate hosted a trick or treating event of their own on Tuesday, October 30th.

The event, Trunk or Treat, took the classic Halloween tradition and added a little twist. Rather than going house to house for candy, you could find dressed up kids getting candy from a car trunk.

The event was put together by student senate member Emily Perry.

“So the Trunk or Treat Event is run by the Elizabethtown College Student senate and we open it up to the Elizabethtown community, to families, and all the clubs get involved in decorating their trunks and giving out candy to the kids before Halloween.”

Many kids could be found at the event in a variety of clever and different costumes. Including the opportunity to get dressed up, kids also had fun playing games, getting their faces painted, and enjoying the decorations.

Trunk or Treat was not only an opportunity for children to dress up and have fun, it gave the opportunity for many clubs found on campus to participate in the event. Each club that participated had the chance to decorate a car trunk however they wanted to, and each had their own unique theme.

Some of the themes included a Harry Potter theme, Disney theme, Dr. Seuss theme and even a monster theme. However, clubs such as Mad Cow, decided to add their own style to what they wanted their trunk to look like. Mad Cow member Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams had this to say…

“So we’re Mad Cow and we’re doing Trunk or Treat this year. We did it last year and we kind of mix it up a little bit so this year we thought we’d be funny to be cows. All varying types of cows. My one friend is a rad cow with a skateboard and a backwards cat. I’m the athletic mint cow, hence the baseball bat and mint colorations. We have a mad cow that’s semi-greaser female. So we’re all doing different variations of it. We have an actual cow that’s a friend in a cow suit, anyway, yeah we’re just rocking out and handing out candy to kids.”

Trunk or Treat was held outside of Leffler Chapel and started at 4:00 pm and lasted until 6:00 pm.

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Humans of Etown Story #4




“It was 1965, I was 7-years-old and my dad was relatively healthy and my mom was pregnant with my brother Chris. We didn’t think anything was wrong. He was thin, very fit, but he was getting tired all the time, so he went to the doctor. After he saw the doctor he was referred to a cardiologist. Today you can just do a simple operation but back then it was unbeknownst. They were trying to figure out what to do and eventually his heart just stopped working. He died of a faulty heart valve.”


“I was very young so I didn’t really understand what was going on or how serious it was. For me it was just my dad had to go to the hospital. I stayed with a friend of my mothers, her name was Mrs. Mueller, who is still alive today, for about a week. Now it was June, so I didn’t have to go to school. I spent at least a week there because my mom had to keep going back and forth from my home to the hospital. I don’t really remember where my sister Beth and Joanne stayed. To tell you that, I’d have to call them.”


“I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in their living room and I remember how she told me. She came up to me and said, ‘You know how your dad is in the hospital, well I’m sorry to tell you this but he won’t be coming home.’ She seemed a little uncomfortable when she told me but she was a very strong person and very sincere. I can’t remember the time of day but it was the day after the fourth of July and I remember I knew exactly what she meant. There wasn’t much I could do but cry really. His funeral was three days later Koller’s funeral home.”


“My mother fortunately had a lot of help. Especially from my grandfather and grandmother. All my aunts and uncles helped too. My grandparents did a lot, they would take me down to their house every once and a while. I remember my grandfather took me to a Phillies game. I also remember my cousin Andy took me to a 76ers game as well. My Uncle John helped a lot too, he was a great guy.”


“Six years later my mom met her current husband through my Aunt Fran, who was his sister in law. My mom and Aunt Fran had kindled a friendship a little after my dad died. His wife died and he had two boys and a girl. They met in 1970 and got remarried in 1971. Since our house was bigger, they moved into our house. So, after they got married, we had to combine families. We had to get used to each other, which wasn’t easy because everyone was kind of at odd ages. Most of us were in high school so you know how they could be. We were all getting used to each other. When I look at it now it was kind of funny, but it wasn’t back then. Now the boys had to live in the basement and the girls lived on the second floor. It was tough but we got through it.”


“Everybody goes through tough thing in life but if they have a good family they can get through. Sure, it was tough for me but I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for my mom. I can’t stress enough how important family was in all of this, if our family wasn’t as strong as it was I don’t think we could have gotten through it.”

(Malvern, PA)

Saving Private Ryan

In a movie that is full of what it really feels like to be in World War II it never gives you a boring moment. Saving Private Ryan stars Tom Hanks as Captain Miller and Matt Damon as Private Ryan in this thrilling movie about the struggle a group of soldiers go through to get the last member of his family home. Throughout the movie, you get a real sense of history and the struggle that soldiers went through during these times, whether they were American or German.

Saving Private Ryan’s plot deserves recognition all on its own. With a story that really pulls you into the movie and doesn’t ever let you forget a scene, Saving Private Ryan is one of the best movies you could ever watch. The scenes in this movie are always action packed and the interactions between the soldiers shows both a bond of brotherhood and a struggle of trying to get home themselves.

Saving Private Ryan has some of the best acting I have ever seen. Casting Tom Hanks (someone who has a real appreciation for World War II and history) was a brilliant move because you can see that he really embraces his role as a captain in the army and as someone who cares about his men. The other actors in the film such as Matt Damon and Vin Diesel, also do a great job at expressing their characters within this movie by using their experience to show what it truly means to be a soldier.

As for the cinematography, nothing was cut short. Full of amazing special effects, it really seems as though real bombs are being used and bullets are actually being fired at the actors. The lighting in the movie was a perfect combination of natural and artificial which fully outlines the dread and misery of wartimes.

Saving Private Ryan is an American classic. It is a film that should be considered one of the best films in a generation. For me, this film gets five stars, a 10/10, and two thumbs up. I would definitely watch it again if I were given the option and I think you should watch it too. Trust me when I say, you won’t regret it.saving private ryan

Blue Jays Wipe Out Gophers

On April 1, the Elizabethtown College Blue Jays women’s lacrosse team faced off against the Goucher College Gophers women’s lacrosse team.

In a game known as Senior Day, the Blue Jays demolished the Gophers in an ending score of 17-1. The first goal was scored by Allison McLamb, 27 seconds into the game assisted by Katie Thompson.

After just ten minutes of playing time, the Blue Jays were leading 5-0. As the first half ended, the Blue Jays comfortable lead at 12-1.

In the second half, the goalie, Jennifer Beihoff started and played 21:26 out of the last 30 minutes. She had one save. Later, goalie Caity Howell took over and had three saves, playing in remaining minutes of the game.

The leading scorer of the game was Carly Thompson and ended with 5 goals. Thompson scored two goals in the first half and had a hat trick in the second. In an interview with Carly Thompson she was asked what the biggest contributing factor was to the win. “This year we have a great defense going on.” Thompson said. She also went on to give goalie Abby Kopytko credit saying that she was doing great this year.