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Kaitlyn Hamilton: A Bluejay Ready to Fly

Kaitlyn, on the left, at a show for Romeo and Juliet

Life on Campus

Kaitlyn spends her time on campus recharging from the stresses of being a student. Life as an education major and juggling classes as well as job shadowing as a teacher can take its toll. She is not involved with clubs on campus, but the nice thing about college is that it’s a blank canvas for you to create what you want with it.

In her free time, she loves to watch the show Good Omens, starring David Tenant and Michael Sheen. She also enjoys eating fried pickles late at night, from the late-night snack truck at Etown.

Future Plans

Kaitlyn is an education major at Elizabethtown College. She migrated over here from the greater Philadelphia area to pursue her education. As a Bluejay, she decided to be an education major in order to become a teacher.

She is currently in her junior year, which means during her semester, she is able to work as an assistant teacher in schools around the area. Right now, she teaches middle schoolers at Manheim Central Middle School and it’s really cool to hear how she influences the minds of the young. Education is an extremely important role in our society.

She hopes to teach English after she gets a job teaching, since it’s her passion. Once she graduates, she will hopefully return to the Philadelphia area to teach.

Teaching is Kaitlyn’s passion. She said that she will teach until she dies because it’s what she loves. She plans on using her teaching position to eventually go back to school and obtain a master’s degree.

She said she just wants to do anything that will make her happy and fulfilled. She will take whatever opportunities are thrown at her to achieve this.

Other Factoids

Kaitlyn also might write a book. As an English major and buff, she loves reading and writing. One of her favorite writers is Shakespeare. We went to the showing of Romeo and Juliet together and it was amazing. She takes a class about analyzing Shakespearean plays and dramas and she really enjoys it.

If Kaitlyn were an animal, she would choose to be a bat because they are nocturnal and have echolocation. In addition, they live in caves and hibernate.

She appreciates their symbolic relationship to Halloween as well, since Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Humans of Elizabethtown

By: Andrew Westacott, Mike Garvey, Madison Chiaravolloti, Tim McParland

An interview with Lizzie Zonarich – Part 1
Part 2

Andrew: How’s your semester going so far?

Lizzie: So far, my semester is going by really fast, which is kind of intimidating since I’m in my junior year. So I’d say my college experience is going by fast; but I really enjoy all my classes. A lot of them are super creative and project-based and I excel in that type of learning environment. So, I’m really enjoying it and I feel like I’m getting like a lot of strategy, like thinking, from different public relations classes that I’m taking right now and I have all these creative art classes and I’m also learning a lot about art history. So, I feel like I’m learning a lot, which makes my semester great.

Andrew: Amazing. How would you describe the atmosphere of your classes, like what’s the student body like?

Lizzie: So, for my com classes, I’m really enjoying the environment because it’s all the same people that I’m always with. In the com department, we’re really close-knit, which is great. So, we all talk about our assignments together and if anyone has questions, we ask one another. So, it’s super friendly with that. And then in my art class, I’ve had a lot of new people in my classes, but it’s always fun to meet new people and in my drawing class, we have a lot of freshmen and it’s nice to look back and say “oh I was experiencing college for the first time”, just like them! But yeah, it’s great to have familiar faces but also meet new people and talk to other people.

Andrew: What are some career goals for you?

Lizzie: So, as I have stated before, I’m a graphic design major and public relations major, so I think I would either do something in graphic design because I absolutely love designing and being creative. So, I would either want to work for like a creative firm or something like that, or either start my own graphic design firm. Or, even work for a brand; I’d work for them a while and work my way up and maybe even be like a creative director and just have a vision of the brand and steer them in a clear direction.

Andrew: What do you think of LVMH trying to take over Tiffany’s?

Lizzie: So, here’s the thing: I love Tiffany’s & Co. I have been buyers of the brand for a long time and I love the experience, I love their products, but I feel like over the past couple of years, their sales have definitely been down, and I think that uh, LVMH, they certainly know how to run brands because they own several other big houses, so I think that they’re going to come in there and kind of give Tiffany’s a nudge in the right direction and hopefully they’ll come up with new products, um, new ways to market things to people who are in my demographic, and hopefully make stuff a little more affordable.

Andrew: Thank you so much!

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

Elizabethtown, Pa – I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show  last Friday and it was a blast. I went with a group of friends and we all dressed up for the occasion. I wore a silky white wig with my athletically hip gear. The auditorium was packed with students once the show started at midnight. The vibes were spooky, freaky and weird. All of these qualities make for a good event. 

This was my first time going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was not a typical movie viewing, but rather it was an interactive show. There was an entire cast that would interact with the audience during the movie viewing. Also, everyone was dressed up for the viewing. 

The cast was full of lively actors that played the roles of the characters from the movie and lip-synced to the song lyrics. The atmosphere was lively and there was no room to be tired. The show was brought to us by the Etown Intellectual Film Club, whose members were part of the cast.

The show began with a contest, a costume contest that is. People were encouraged to come to the front of Gibble Auditorium for everyone to see. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania, used the crowd’s roars to judge each contestants costume. Most of the costumes were scandalous, but everyone’s confidence up at the front of Gibble was what sold them. There was one audience member who wore underwear with caution tape wrapped around his legs, for example. 

Once the picture show started, people were chanting along with lines from the movie. It really reflected the cult-following the movie has. I appreciated the shared interest between such a large group of people; it really bonded the room. However, the shouting did get a little annoying as the movie went on, especially when they would scream “slut” and “asshole” at the screen when Brad and Janet showed up. It didn’t make sense at first, but I assumed it was part of the culture of watching the show.

My favorite part of the show was the Time Warp. People got out of their seats and danced along with the characters on screen. It started with a jump to the left, then you put your hands on your hips and do a pelvic thrust. It was lively, quirky and fun. It captured the atmosphere of the room perfectly. The energy was high and everyone was shouting and dancing during this musical scene.

In addition to watching the show, there would be sporadic intermissions where more contests or activities would be held. As a “virgin”, I was chosen by the actors to come to the front of the stage with other newcomers. Being a virgin simply means that it’s an attendee’s first time attending the show. We had to eat a marshmallow off someone’s body and that would take our “virginity”. It was fun and it put me out of my comfort zone, which I appreciated. 

The next contest was an orgasm contest. Thankfully, I didn’t have to participate in it. It was a contest to see who had the most enthralling orgasm noise. Again, roars from the crowd deemed a winner after everyone gave their best orgasm noise. 

All in all, the show was amazing and I would go again next year. I also recommend others who haven’t to check it out!

Blue Jays vs. the Falcons: A Recap

Both teams lined up before the game started

Mechanicsburg, Pa – Elizabethtown’s Blue Jays lost 0-3 to Messiah College’s Falcons on Friday, October 18. 

The loss brought the Blue Jays down to 21-8 overall. The game was well played between both teams and each set was close. 

Setter Rileigh Hudock reflected on the game after the loss. “Obviously it was disappointing to lose, but it was an honor to play against them,” Hudock said. 

The atmosphere of the game, at Messiah College’s indoor gym, was lively. Parents and students from both colleges came to the game. In the student section of Messiah College, cheers and roars would occur every time a kill happened. 

Elizabethtown senior Elle Shatto served the ball to begin the first set. It was then killed by teammate Bryanna Miller, the outside hitter. Miller had a high score of 11 kills during the match. 

Elizabethtown led the set early on with a score of 5-1. Elizabethtown freshman Sarah Hanks also assisted with quite a few kills the first set, leading to a score of 24-20. 

Defense was really on point in the first set and throughout the match, however, the Falcons caught up with an 8-2 rally, stealing the win for the first set with a score of 28-26. 

During the game, the Blue Jays continued to stand their ground, even when they were behind. “There was a lot of fight defensively,” coach Matt Hamilton said. 

Set two was highlighted by back-to-back kills by Miller and sophomore Allison Fischer. The score was still 12-9 in the Falcons’ favor. The battle continued with the Blue Jays fighting for the win.

They got their fire back when they had a four point streak to get the score to 13-12. The Falcons took the second set though, with a score of 25-21. 

Each set was extremely close. Throughout the match, there wasn’t really a hint of who would come out on top. “It was a great competition,” Shatto said. 

The Falcons began the third set with an early score gap of 13-8. The Blue Jays did catch up, however, and stayed hot on the Falcons’ tails. 

With a lot of momentum gained by the Falcons, they took the final set with a score of 25-14. The game was won 3-0. 

Thought the match was lost, the Blue Jays will continue their fight next week, at Juniata College.

Construction Affects Commuter Routes to Campus

Elizabethtown, Pa – Elizabethtown Borough started annual paving the week of September 23, affecting Washington Street, Lemon Street, Cherry Street and South Mount Joy Street.

These streets affect off-campus commuters as well as those who park on the street to get to campus. Vehicles that do not comply with the closed-off streets will be in violation and will be towed, according to campus security in their email sent out to students.

“Members of our campus community must use Cedar Street or College Avenue as the main access routes to the College,” campus news noted in the email.

“It was really annoying,” senior Mikayla Ruth noted. “I had to go find another way to get to campus.”

Approximately 84% of students live on campus, according to the Elizabethtown College “about” page. So, there is a sizeable portion of students that do commute.

Restrictions have an effect on commuting students. “Being a commuter is already in itself a challenge, as it involves taking on the extra task of planning a route to school, navigating traffic and then doing it again at the end of the day,” according to the Daily Bruin.

“Traffic is never on your side,” junior William Paterson said. Commuters definitely have to plan another part of their day and restrictions do not help it.

“The College reserves the right to initiate and change parking violation fees, fines and regulations at any time following proper notification to the College Community,” per their parking regulations page.

As of October 1, weather has delayed the pavement sealing process and restrictions will continue at the start of this week.