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Scott Tevis: Theater, “Romeo and Juliet”

By Cas Stence and Kaity Chambers

The video interview conducted with Scott Tevis.

Scott Tevis is a junior computer engineering major at Elizabethtown College. In his three years here at Elizabethtown, he has been very involved with the theater program. Below is a transcript of the video.

Q. So tell us a little bit about your experiences with theater at Elizabethtown College.

Scott: So I was in the theater since freshman year. Here, I was in two shows for that. I was in one show last year and I’ve been in one show this semester this year. Which was “Romeo and Juliet”. It was really to cool to see what they would do because they did a post-apocalyptic themed. Which is something no one’s really thought to do for “Romeo and Juliet” given it’s taken in Italy.

But it was a really cool concept. It was really fun to meet all the people there and I helped out with their other little project for the theater which was called “Shorts Fest”. A bunch of students wrote short plays to have on stage and I ran the soundboard for those shows. It was really cool. And overall, it’s a super fun thing and I hope everyone can enjoy it by either being in it or getting to see some shows at Etown or just anywhere.

Makenna Piper: I Want To Help People

Makenna Piper is a sophomore dual major in English and social work. She is originally from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Before moving there, however, she grew up in a tiny town with under 200 people in it and described its locale as being “in the middle of nowhere.” She also comes from a big family with four biological siblings and two step-siblings, totaling out in six siblings altogether. 

She was homeschooled up through sixth grade and went to middle school one year in seventh grade. After seventh grade, her parents split and she proceeded to take another year of homeschooling. For high school, she did attend a public high school but described it was not the best time for her. 

“High school was never a good environment for me. I didn’t really fit in, I didn’t talk a lot. I didn’t really make a lot of friends,” Makenna explained. 

However, her narrative took a turn for the better upon transitioning into college, “I really like Etown. I think it’s a good school for me. I’m happy with my majors and everything.” 

She also enjoys the small campus lifestyle that comes along with Elizabethtown College To her, the campus is perfect to go on walks and to go skateboarding. 

Makenna expressed her feeling of gratification when it came to defying expectations. Her “all-black” appearance she believes contrasts one of her favorite hobbies: knitting. People are surprised by the discrepancies between her image and her likes. She doesn’t like to be pinned down to just one trait. 

“I don’t fit exactly into one category of person,” Makenna said while trying to explain the facets of her own personality, “Like, I look like the gay emo person- and that’s true. But then there’s the stuff that isn’t immediately evident…like I’m a nerd. I’m part old-lady, part nerd, part-emo. It’s a weird mix.” 

Makenna in her self-described “bi pose”.

When it comes to her future, she wants a career in helping people. This was a purpose that she did not initially find and had to spend some time searching for it. Currently, she believes that her calling is to make small improvements to everyone’s lives.

Even now, she tries to help people whenever she can by offering rides or buying them food. Sometimes, Makenna thinks that people might take advantage of her kindness and generosity, but this still doesn’t stop her.

She desires to help people however she can. This motivating and driving force is one of the things that led her to major in social work. Her calling is simple: make a meaningful impact on other people’s lives. 

Tim McCorkle: My Love of Music

By Cas Stence & Kaity Chambers

Timothy McCorkle is a sophomore engineering major at Elizabethtown College. Outside of school, he is very invested in music and plays bass in his band. The podcast and its transcript are below.

The official podcast.

Q. So if you could, I’d like you to tell me a little bit about yourself. What makes you, you? Your past experiences, things that you dealt with?

Tim: Well, a lot of what makes me, me is I guess just the people that I surround myself with like I notice I tend to pick up mannerisms from a lot of my friends and family. I tend to kind think in the same way they do I’ve noticed.

But yeah. Then it’s just my various interests and hobbies like especially my love of music and one thing for sure that definitely helped make me who I am is my love of music. Getting to play with my band, that’s a pretty cool experience that not everyone gets. I just really feel like I can be myself when I’m performing, on stage, or writing a song. Like, it’s just really cool seeing everyone get into the music and just have a good time.

And I guess it’s really an amazing experience to get to just be like someone who helps other people have a good time. And I feel like that’s definitely a big part of who I am. It’s just I love music and just aim to let loose.

Q. Would you say you like connecting with other people through your music?

Tim: Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve met some pretty cool people through shows we’ve played in. Like some of the shows where we’ve gotten to play with other bands, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new artists and that’s not typically a chance that people get to meet artists like that. So it’s really cool to not only get to see them perform, but also talk to them. And like even share our gear with them sometimes.

And it’s just a really cool experience just especially because of how much I love music. How much I love performing. And yeah, just, it’s a really cool experience.

And that’s definitely shaped me into who I am.

Timeless or Complicated: Ten Years of League

Loading screen for “League of Legends” featuring 12 characters from the game.

Believe it or not, the Windows/macOS free-to-play game, “League of Legends”, has reached its tenth anniversary. The game was published back on Oct. 27, 2009 and remains a fan-favorite game to this day. The League of Legends World Championship, the competitive e-sports scene for “League of Legends”, was held through this October and November in different locations in Europe. On Nov. 10, the game’s Youtube channel released a music video in collaboration with famous music artists such as Becky G. and Soyeon of G-Idle featuring characters from the game. The song, titled “Giants”, has garnered almost 30 million views since then.

What is it that makes a ten-year-old game so remarkable in a digital world with so many other options? 

Is it really free?

Unlike other popular video games, “League of Legends” is completely functional without spending money. The installation is free, the characters are free and even in-game customization can be free. While the software itself is free to download and characters can be purchased via in-game currency gained from playing, Riot, developer of “League of Legends”, still has microtransactions. Champions can be bought entirely with in-game currency, but the process of earning this currency is painfully slow. Some of the more expensive champions might take days or even weeks of games to unlock them.

Riot offers an alternative; pay real money and get the characters for way cheaper. A similar process applies to skins, unique in-game costumes for the game’s characters, and they too can be acquired by just playing the game. However, these free skins are random and it will most likely be for a character you don’t use. To pick the skin you want, you have to purchase it.

Still, at the end of the day, skins are purely cosmetic and offer no in-game advantage. Having a skin will not make a player more likely to win.

Gameplay: Revolutionary or Just Confusing? 

“League of Legends” is a multiplayer RPG-style team game. Trust me when I say that this game’s core mechanics are daunting for newbies. The objective of the game is to infiltrate the enemy base and destroy their power supply, or Nexus. Three lanes of enemy turrets stand in your way, which you must destroy before getting into their base. In the meantime, you have to worry about farming minions, keeping your vision score up, ganking, getting dragons, baron, leveling up, buying items, etc. It’s a lot for a newbie player who might not even understand what all these terms mean. I’ll even admit that I sometimes forget important gameplay components because there’s so much to deal with. Plus then there are roles that every player must declare. Mid? Support? Jungle? Not every champion can play every role and not every player can be good at multiple roles. 

Even my friends who are at level 100 and above still fail to grasp every single facet of the game. With nearly 150 characters in the game and more to come, it’s impossible to know how to deal with every matchup. Then again, with so many characters, there are enough characters to appeal to a diverse audience. 

Final Verdict: To Play or Not to Play

League has a certain phenomenon that draws experienced players and new players alike. The game, for what it’s worth, is completely playable without spending any money (though you are going to want those sweet customization options, trust me). There’s a clear reason why the game has around 100 million active players. While “League of Legends” has a very steep learning curve, people are compelled to master such a hard game. “League of Legends” also offers a unique experience to every single player, no matter their level. That’s why you should play, but please, just try to find some friends to help.

Be True: Elizabethtown College Women’s Volleyball Out to Ruffle Feathers

The team coming together after a good play.

Elizabethtown, Pa. – The Elizabethtown College Blue Jays women’s volleyball team won their second Landmark Conference game at Thompson Gymnasium against the Catholic University Cardinals 3-0 on Wednesday, Oct. 16th. 

This game was part of the True Blue series. The True Blue series encouraged students to support fellow student-athletes and get free Elizabethtown merchandise to cheer on their team. 

Senior outside hitter, Elle Shatto, was the first to serve as the game began. She ended up scoring 3-0 before possession of the ball shifted over to Catholic. What followed in the first set was a sway of possession, back and forth to each team. 

Catholic ended up serving an ace and tied the game at 17-17 and again at 19-19. Elizabethtown was able to pull ahead again at 23-19. Catholic attempted to close the gap, but Elizabethtown finished up the first set 25-23.

In the second set, the Cardinals were off to a rough start after losing possession on their first serve. The score yet again bounced back and forth before Shatto scored an ace and left Etown 12-6 and proceeded on their run 20-9. 

However, Catholic soon came back and pushed the score to 22-18. Etown coach, Matt Hamilton, called a timeout. This allowed Etown to shut down the Cardinals and win the second set 25-20. 

This season was Hamilton’s first year as head coach. In previous years, he served as the assistant coach. Both Shatto and Rileigh Hudock, sophomore setter, said that this facilitated trust and communication. 

“I’m extremely proud of this team,” Hamilton said, “If we succeed or fail, we do it together.” 

The Blue Jays come out strong in the third set thanks to Elle Shatto’s and Allison Fischer’s kills. They take a lead with 14-5. At game point, 24-15, Catholic began to delay the point that would win Etown the game. Catholic was able to bring the score all the way to 24-21 until Shatto eventually scored the final kill that secured Elizabethtown their win. 

Shatto was encouraged by the number of people who showed up for the True Blue game. “It was nice to have fans. The crowd gave the game more energy.” 

Hudock echoed this sentiment. “People usually focus on other sports. We got to see a big crowd, which usually isn’t the case. It brought big morale to the team.” 

Whenever it comes to the team’s victories both Shatto and Hudock believe that they can attribute that success to their coach and their teammates. 

“The incoming freshmen are very strong. I want my class and the freshmen class to grow and become leaders for next year,” Hudock said, “Our new coach is also very supportive of us. The players are very comfortable with him.” 

After this game, their record stood as 21-7. The team expressed that their aim was to make it to play-offs. According to Hamilton, Catholic was a significant conference rival. 

“We accomplished everything [that game],” Hamilton said, “We showed up and played well.”

Click here to listen to the podcast.