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Renewed Strength in the Second Half wins the Blue Jays the game

Elizabethtown College women’s soccer team celebrated their victory over Scranton after the homecoming game.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa.- The women’s soccer Landmark Conference game between Elizabethtown and Scranton had a slow start with no goals in the first half, however the Blue Jays kicked in a new gear in the second half and beat the Royals 3-2.

The game took place at Elizabethtown College at Ira R. Herr Field on Saturday, Oct. 19. Alumni, family members and friends were at the game because it was Elizabethtown College’s Homecoming weekend.

While there were no goals in the first half, the Blue Jays and the Royals put up a good fight in the second half.

Leigh Ungerleider, Elizabethtown sophomore, scored the first goal of the game. The Blue Jays fan section was ecstatic.

Scranton freshman, Teresa Hegarty, scored the second goal of the game. She was assisted by sophomore Steph Lowrey, and together they helped tie the game.

Lowrey also scored the third goal of the game with an assist from sophomore Callie Deola. The Blue Jays fan section was devastated after the back to back goals.

However, Elizabethtown seniors Natalie Nye and Lydia Lawson made a swift comeback and scored the fourth goal of the game.

Between the energy bouncing off of the Blue Jays fan section and the Blue Jays bench, Lydia Lawson scored the fifth and final goal of the game bringing the Blue Jays to victory.

The Blue Jays fan section gave a standing ovation and shouted “way to go” and “what a great game!”

Evan Schwab, Elizabethtown freshman, stood in the stands clapping as the final buzzer went off.

“It was insane. It was a really really hard fought game,” Schwab said. “At first everyone was like, oh this is just another game but at the second half everyone figured out that this is an amazing game.”

Sydney Detky, Elizabethtown freshman soccer player, was beyond happy about the win.

“Scranton has always been a really good team, and one of our goals this year was to beat them so we went out and did our best,” Detky stated. “Even though there were moments where we weren’t connecting quite right, we still held ourselves together so we could accomplish it.”

Detky believed that they won the game because of how supportive her teammates and the Blue Jays fan section were.

Christine Fox, Elizabethtown junior goalkeeper, was also excited about the win because the Blue Jays haven’t beaten the Royals in seven years.

“It was good for us to beat them while the alumni were there so they could experience what it’s like to beat Scranton,” Fox said.

The Blue Jays made two shots and three corner kicks, and the Royals made five shots and two corner kicks in the first half.

In the second half, the Blue Jays made three goals, nine shots and six corner kicks, and the Royals made two goals, 16 shots and ten corner kicks.

Scranton’s record was 6-4-3, 3-1-0 LC and Elizabethtown’s record was 8-3-1, 3-1-0 LC.

The Blue Jays will face Scranton again in the Landmark Semi-finals on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. at Ira R. Herr field.

Click on the link below to hear the beginning of my interview with Sydney Detky.

E-motion: Another Chance to Dance your Heart Out

Alexa Habermehl, sophomore education major, smiled when she thought about her time in E-motion.

E-motion, the largest club at Elizabethtown College, held dance auditions in the BSC dance studio for the winter showcase the week of Monday, September 16.

E-motion, the campus’s dance club, offered dances of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

This semester, there are close to twenty different types of dances. For example there are jazz, hip-hop, partner, Irish, lyrical, contemporary, acrobatic, swing flags, tap and ballet dances.

Elizabethtown College students may audition for as many dances as they want, but are only allowed to participate in three E-motion dances per semester. 

Every E-motion dance began practicing the week of Monday, September 23. Practices lasted for an hour and a half.

Lindsay Fisher, senior education major, is a four-time E-motion choreographer and dancer. She choreographed a contemporary dance to “Breaking Down” by I Prevail for this semester.

Fisher believes that E-motion is the most popular club on campus because of the “family feel” the dancers established over the years. 

“E-motion is a place where people of all levels can express themselves through dance and just have fun with so many great people,” Fisher stated.

Caroline Piergiovanni, senior education major, is this year’s E-motion president. “Ever since I was a freshman and got involved in E-Motion, I knew one day I wanted to be able to run such a wonderful, inclusive, and dynamic club,” Piergiovanni said.

Piergiovanni’s love for the club is never ending. “Being the President of E-Motion is not about the title of President,” she said. “It’s about combining my love of dance with my leadership and organizational skills so that I can be a mentor to everyone in the club.”

Alexa Habermehl, sophomore education major, participated in two E-motion dances last semester: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” choreographed by Abby Goodman and Jill Benedetti and “Pineapple Skies” choreographed by O’Livia McIntosh.

Habermehl’s favorite memory was opening night of the spring showcase. “Everyone got to hang out together backstage and watch the dances on the big screen,” she stated.

If Habermehl’s friends hadn’t convinced her to join E-motion, then she wouldn’t have made so many great friends and fun memories. For these reasons, Habermehl would encourage other students to join E-motion too.

While E-motion auditions are over for the fall semester, it is not too late to join the club for the spring semester. Don’t miss the chance to express yourself, make new lifelong friends, and dance your heart out!

By: Olivia Gaughan