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Humans of Etown

By: Madison Chiaravolloti, Mike Garvey, Andrew Westacott, and Tim McParland

Story #2

Mike Christy Interview

Mike Garvey: I just want to start by making sure I have consent to conduct this interview.

Mike Christy: Yes, you do.

Mike Garvey: So, describe one event this semester than was the highlight of your semester.

Mike Christy: An event that was the highlight of my semester would probably be the Post Malone concert that I went to with my girlfriend. Post Malone is one of my favorite artists ever. And my girlfriend really likes him too. And it was a great time and it was in Atlantic City so it’s not something I get to experience all the time. It was in the middle of the semester so it was a nice event to kind of break up the schoolwork and things like that and get away with my girlfriend and do something fun.

Blue Jays Fly Together

Collin McGovern (left) and Mike Garvey (right) Celebrate Landmark Championship

Elizabethtown, Pa. – Collin McGovern is a fifth year engineering major and former baseball player here at Elizabethtown College. He is a great roommate, friend and inspiration to everyone that has gotten the pleasure to know him. Collin is the type of person that stays positive in any difficult circumstances life throws at him.

Collin played baseball for the Blue Jays his Freshman and Sophomore year. He was a talented right handed pitcher that predominantly got his appearances out of the bullpen. Collin was a hard working player that had a love for the game. “I’ve been playing baseball my whole life and I could not see myself not being around the game,” Collin said.

During his season Freshman year, Collin got a rare illness called Ataxia. It is a virus in the brain that impaired his motor skills and speech. “It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through,” Collin said. 

It ended his baseball career and paused his academic career at school. It was tough for the entire team to see one of their teammates struggling. He was missed on and off the field as a friend and player.

He had to leave school to rehabilitate. “I was at Hershey Rehabilitation Center for a while going to speech and physical therapy,” Collin said. “The guys on the team visited all the time, brought me get well gifts and filled me in on what was going on.”

Collin eventually moved back home and got to do his therapy from there. He had to stay home from school the following year. However, he came to almost every baseball game to support his teammates throughout the entire season.

“I couldn’t get through it without my friends and family. The team and my love for the game is what got me through. They kept me looking forward, Collin said.”

The entire baseball team wrote “#CM28” on all of their gear in honor of their teammate. They all played in honor of him because of how hard he worked to get back to school. Everyone was inspired with how he handled what life threw at him. He never gave up and stayed positive.

The Blue Jays went on to win their first ever Landmark Championship Collin’s sophomore year. He was there at the championship game at Gallaudet University cheering on his teammates. It was a magical season carried by inspiration.

Collin brought the Blue Jays to play at a higher level. They kept hope no matter what circumstance they were faced. Whenever they were staring failure in the face they persevered. The Jays had numerous walk off winners and come from behind victories.

Collin was able to return to Elizabethtown, what would have been his Junior year, to continue his academic career. He plans on graduating this spring. His return was dramatic and loved by so many. It makes you think about how important the little things in life are.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Aaron Paul returns as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino

By: Mike Garvey

Fans waited six years for the Netflix original, El Camino to be released. The movie serves as a fan service as they get to see some familiar faces, epic drama and gorgeous views once again. The movie will feel familiar to all fans that have seen the Breaking Bad series.

AMC’s Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan, is one of the best written, filmed and accomplished TV series to ever air on television. The series received 58 Emmy Awards nominations and won 16 of them.

Breaking Bad showed the transformation of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from a high school science teacher with cancer to Heisenberg, a notorious drug kingpin. Cranston received the Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series statuette four times. 

Aaron Paul played Jesse Pinkman, a crystal meth cook, dealer and partner to Heisenberg.  Paul won Outstanding Supporting Actor three times.

Breaking Bad was a show based around difficult situations. The meth cooking partners Walt and Jesse always found themselves in an inescapable trap. More than likely, Walt would find a way to get them out of harm’s way.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is a film that takes place right after the climactic events that ended Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman finds himself yet again against all odds and facing the consequences for his actions, but this time he has no Heisenberg to save him. He needs to get out of Albuquerque without the cops finding him first.

Jesse always made mistakes and relied on Walt or Saul to bail him out. Throughout the TV series he was the sidekick, the comic relief and manipulated by Heisenberg. In El Camino, it is an exciting twist to see Jesse as the hero, controlling his own destiny.

Jesse is constantly haunted while reflecting on his past two years being held in captivity. He was being held hostage to cook meth for a dangerous gang. Memories of his time being tortured by them are intercut with scenes set in the present. They provide context and meaning for some of Jesse’s actions in the movie.

In Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan keeps a steady, detailed-oriented pace in terms of plot advancement and character development. El Camino has the same tone with a western type of feel to it, complimented by the classic time elapsed landscape shots of the New Mexico desert.

El Camino does not compare to the greatness of Breaking Bad. Even the most die-hard Breaking Bad fans will advise to not expect it to compare. However, its sole purpose is to let the fans relive the Breaking Bad experience and say goodbye to one of TV’s greatest characters of all time.

Jays Soar Over Scranton With Lawson’s Game Winner

Elizabethtown, Pa.- Lydia Lawson turned toward her teammates and punched the air after her strike on goal found the back of the net, giving the Blue Jays the lead in a tight game against the Scranton Royals.

The Elizabethtown College Blue Jays snapped a seven game winless streak against Scranton in 3-2 win on Saturday’s Homecoming game. It was a nail biter the whole way as the rivals went back and forth pressing each other’s back lines.

Both teams played hard and showed how intense this rivalry actually is. “We all wanted this win. It was the Homecoming game. We have a losing streak against Scranton. And to be honest, we do not like them very much,” Senior Allison Plotts said.

It remained scoreless until the second half of the game. Sophomore Leigh Ungerleider gave the Blue Jays the first lead in the 50th minute, but that did not last long. Scranton’s Teresa Hagerty and Stephanie Lowry both had goals to give the Royals a 2-1 lead. All three of the goals came within five minutes of each other, delivering some drastic lead changes.

In the 70th minute, Natalie Nye scored her first career goal to tie the game. Lydia Lawson crossed the ball toward the far post to Nye. Nye took a touch and roofed a shot that went over the goalie then celebrated with her teammates.

“I’m just so happy the shot went in. It was my first career goal. It’s because I play defense, but the game was so close that coach wanted us to push up,” Nye said.

It was anyone’s game at this point. Both teams continued to drive the ball up and down the field. In the 76th minute, Lawson pushed a jump ball with her head past a defender and ripped a shot that found the back of the net. The goal gave the Blue Jays a 3-2 lead over Scranton. It was also Lawson’s sixth game winning goal of the season, tying a school record.

Lawson, the senior from Mountaintop, Pa, is having a dominant year so far with 16 goals through only 12 games. She is averaging 1.33 goals per game. Additionally, she has 36 points on the season, averaging 3 points a game. This senior is definitely the player to watch moving forward as she continues to lead the Jays to victory.

This win brings the Jays to 3-1 in the conference. They are now tied for third place with Scranton. However, they are not far behind Catholic and Susquehanna whom are tied for first in the conference with records of 4-1. “This win gives us a lot of momentum going forward and puts us in a great spot to get the number one seed,” Senior Leanna Miller said.

The next conference game for the Blue Jays is October 26th against Goucher.