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Blue Jays Gearing up for Redemption After Loss Against Scranton Royals

Elizabethtown College’s men’s soccer team lost 1-2 during their homecoming match against Scranton at the Ira R. Herr field. Elizabethtown College is celebrating the 30th anniversary of winning the 1989 Men’s Soccer NCAA National Championships. 

“The ‘89 championship is important because it was the teams first,” Senior Will Connolly explained. “It drives you to get back to that winning tradition, which is something this program has begun to get back to.” 

Midfielder, Christian Arcos, scored the first goal for the Scranton Royals with 9:20 left in the first period. 

Royal’s forward, Michael Donnelly, scored with 29:32 left in the second period. 

Forward for the Blue Jays, Connor Rathsam, scored a goal against Scranton during a penalty kick. Rathsam scored the only point for Elizabethtown with 8:51 remaining in the second period. 

“I wasn’t thinking about my goal but more on how to tie the game,” Rathsam said.

Etown’s effort to tie by making another goal proved futile against Scranton’s ruthless defense. Goalie, Jake Hodlofski, blocked every shot attempted by the Blue Jays. 

The Royals maintained possession of the ball while running down the clock during the final minutes of the match.

“It’s definitely frustrating, but it’s part of the game,” Connolly said.“ We would have done the same thing if we were in their shoes”

Elizabethtown’s loss against Scranton was their first defeat in the Landmark Conference thus far. 

“It was a tough loss for us to swallow because it took us out of being tied for first place in the league,” Rathsam said. 

Senior, J.D. Haaf is part of the Elizabethtown Men’s Soccer starting lineup. He sees the loss against the Royals as a valuable experience for his team.

Both schools are competing in the Landmark Conference, which was established in 2006. Elizabethtown Men’s Soccer team is currently ranked third in the conference, while Scranton is ranked second. Last year, the Men’s Soccer team won their first Landmark Conference Championship title. 

“It was a wake up call that we aren’t as good as we want to be,” Haaf said. 

Haaf is confident the team will emerge victorious.“On Tuesday we will be back against Scranton at their place and this time things will be different,” Haaf said.

Abroad Range of Options for Blue Jays

View of the Study Abroad Fair from BSC second floor

Blue Jays flocked to the Brossman Student Commons to gather information on studying abroad.

Etown’s annual Study Abroad fair was Wednesday, September 25 in the BSC Concourse.

Representatives from Elizabethtown’s affiliated programs distributed information to students regarding the study abroad programs their companies offer.

Megan Bell is the advisor for the Elizabethtown study abroad program and an Etown College alumnus. She put a lot of effort into preparing the event, which ultimately paid off.

“Attendance was higher than last year,” Bell said. She was particularly excited about the large turnout of study abroad providers and eagerly pointed out the number of affiliated programs increased since the year prior.

Representatives from familiar affiliated programs BCA, SOL Education Abroad, CIS, KCP International, and ISA were at the Study Abroad fair. New partner programs, API and ISEP, also sent representatives this year.

The commissioners from each program were well-prepared to answer questions about going abroad, provided students with an arsenal of informational booklets, and were excited to share their own experiences.

“I have heard so many people said they regret not going abroad in college,” said Shannon Gillen, a representative from API. Gillen went abroad in college, and loved her experiences enough that she now works for API Abroad, where she can help students have the chance to change their worldview.

A group of Elizabethtown College students who have recently studied abroad will talk about their experiences and answer their peers’ questions about the application process, finances, and the available programs.

The student panel will take place in the Brinser lecture room at the Steinman Center on October 1, 2019.

Affiliated programs often provide students with financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Elizabethtown College senior, James Dal Santo,  was awarded a scholarship from BCA Study Abroad. During the spring semester of his junior year, Dal Santo attended the University of Otago in Dunedin, NZ. He recommends students planning a semester abroad to “go for a reason – travel, meet new people, and expand your horizons.”

Elizabethtown College offers study abroad programs in 35 countries. This semester, the Office of Study Abroad added 14 more countries to the program list: Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Ghana,  Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Affiliated programs offer students the chance to select the duration of time they wish to stay abroad. Students may go abroad for a quarter term, semester, or a year. Certain programs take place during the May or January term.

Going abroad on faculty led programs allows students with busy schedules to go abroad for shorter periods of time.

The annual trip to Prague, sponsored by Etown’s business department, takes place over spring break.

Elizabethtown College is offering numerous trips abroad during May term of 2020. Faculty members will be taking groups of students to countries such as Ireland, China, Japan, and South Africa.

A group of Elizabethtown College students who have recently studied abroad will talk about their experiences and answer their peers’ questions about the application process, finances, and the available programs.

The student panel will take place in the Brinser lecture room in Steinman.

The deadline for applying to go abroad during the spring semester is October 15. Students can schedule one-on-one appointments with Megan Bell for more information regarding Elizabethtown’s study abroad programs, and attend the study abroad student panel on October 1, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.