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12 DOWN, 16 TO GO

Firebirds defenseman, Tyler Zarfoss, celebrating the win at the Lancaster Ice Rink.

Lancaster, Pa. – The Lancaster Firebirds faced the Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth League on their home ice in their 12th game of the season on Oct. 19.

The Firebirds redeemed themselves from their last game played against the Phantoms during last season where they had lost 5-3.

“It is always exciting to play the Phantoms, as they have been one of our biggest competitors,” Firebirds head coach, Courtney Milne said.

In the first period, the Firebirds fell short in their defensive skill, leaving goalie, Brett Saylor, to fend for himself. The birds gave up two points within the first nine minutes of play.

“We have a very strong team, especially our defense. So, it was frustrating to see the boys give up two very easy points,” Firebirds assistant coach, Jim Zarfoss said.  “It was obvious to us coaches, and I’m sure to the fans, that the boys were tired coming into the game this afternoon.”

After the first period, Phantoms led 2-0; however, their lead did not last.  Jett Witte scored one point for the Firebirds in the first two minutes of the second period.

Then followed Witte’s brother, Jaeger Witte, with a second point with only three minutes left in the period.

“The Witte twins have always been a fantastic asset to our team, and I look forward to watching them grow into strong athletes,” Milne said. “I am very proud of this team as a whole and watching them grow from the Tykes league to being exemplary young men and phenomenal athletes has been my favorite part of coaching.”

In the third period, the Firebirds played excellent hockey. Defense held strong through the entirety of the period and offense worked the puck well.

Cooper Halsey scored the Firebirds’ third point of the game within the first four minutes of play in the third period. 

“I had felt defeated so far in this season because I hadn’t scored yet. But, today was my first goal of the season and I am proud of the work ethic of both myself and my team,” Halsey said.

The birds held the Phantoms at a 3-2 lead until the end of the game.

The Firebirds have defeated the Phantoms, continuing their rivalry.

The brew jay is set to take flight

The Starbucks on-the-go kiosk, located on the main floor of the High Library.

Elizabethtown, Pa. – The High Library of Elizabethtown College added a brand-new Starbucks coffee kiosk on September 18.

The intended purpose for the in-library Starbucks is to include an additional café and workplace for the students and faculty of Elizabethtown College.

“The Starbucks kiosk is meant to attract more people to the library, as well as gain more revenue for the library to provide more services,” the High Library’s Circulation Desk assistant, Clarissa Grunwald said.

The High Library is offering the students of Elizabethtown College the opportunity to name their own coffee kiosk.

Choices for the naming of the kiosk such as Brew Jay, The Book Nook Café, Cuppa Jay, The Libarista and Sips are available for the students to vote for in the naming of the in-library Starbucks.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to vote for the naming of the kiosk, because it will be an original name and it will make the Starbucks kiosk even more special than it already will be,” sophomore English major, Hannah McConnell said.

Allowing its students to choose the name of the kiosk is intended to give them a voice and to bring a challenge to the campus.

“I look forward to having a Starbucks kiosk available to me while I am in the library,” McConnell said, “I loved to use the Starbucks in the BSC, but it will be even better to have the same service available where I’m typically found studying.”

Coffee, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate will be available for purchase at the kiosk. A simple swipe of your Elizabethtown ID card and the coffee will be yours.

“I’m really looking forward to the convenience of a self-serve coffee kiosk here on campus,” first-year, Abigail Zarfoss said, “I enjoy studying in the library, so it will be easier for me to walk there, rather than to the BSC and then back.”

The convenience of an additional café in the High Library will increase the availability of purchasing coffee, based on location on campus, and it will allow the students and faculty more options, due to the kiosk being a self-serve area.

“I am hoping to use the kiosk during my time spent in the library and I look forward to visiting the area for my first time,” Zarfoss said.

The Starbucks coffee kiosk is currently operating on limited hours; however, as the semester continues, the kiosk will follow the High Library’s hours.

If you have any questions regarding the Starbucks on-the-go kiosk, please contact Elizabethtown College’s High Library at