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Elizabethtown College Diversity Podcast Episode 3

Welcome back!


Your are tuning into Elizabethtown College’s Diversity Podcast! This is the third and FINAL episode of this podcast series. This week features two students that are members of the college campus’ LGBTQ community.


A special thank you for all student, staff and faculty participants. I really appreciate all of your help and input.


Blue Jays, have a SAFE and RESTFUL Thanksgiving break!!!


Blue Jays, Always.


Your Host,

Gabi Weisfeld

Class of 2017

Diversity Podcast Episode 2 Part 1



Welcome back!

This is Elizabethtown College’s very own diversity podcast. Created to highlight and inform current members of the college community on the diverse campus that is Etown.

This on this months diversity podcast we will be hearing from two students who share their experiences with diversity and discrimination at Etown.


Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow!