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Elizabethtown College Cuts Film Minor

Films, TV, Movies, all types of everyday consumer entertainment. But the one thing that most consumers don’t think about is the ones who study and analyze these types of movies and films every day.  Elizabethtown College, like most colleges, is a business and sometimes they need to make budget cuts. What type of budget cuts have they made this year? To some of the majors and minors by cutting them out. More importantly on this topic, the film minor. We go to Christopher Tongel, a film minor student, to see his next steps.  You know, I’m still not positive with the way everything is going to work out. I’m going to talk with my advisor and we are going to go from there. It’s really tough for me because I was hoping to have it on my portfolio and now all I have is just basically another class listed basically. Currently some of the film minor students are unsure if they will graduate with a film minor or without it. Here is what Dr. Helb, a film minor teacher, has to say about the importance of studying film. Film is a big part of our lives, and we form a lot of our identity through movies we watch, movies we love and movies we reject. For the same reason we study literature, study television and study media around us, it’s a big part of our lives. What’s the next big thing for Elizabethtown College? In Elizabethtown PA, David Varner

Humans of E-town: David Varner Sr.

How did you get in the bar business?


Well, when I was 12 years old my Aunt owned the Lamp Post in Middletown and to make some money I cooked for her on the weekends. They called me Taco Dave and Wing Ding Dave, that was before chicken wings were known as Buffalo wings. At the time my Mom bartended part-time and she then eventually bought her own place and I was older by then so I cooked for her, bartended when I was needed and I managed the place at night so she didn’t have to be there.



What other experiences did you have in the bar business?


While I was involved with my mom’s business, I booked entertainment such as bands and Disc Jockeys and I planned special events. I also was a member of the bar’s pool team and I was the captain of the dart team. At the same time I was the guitarist in a band called Ace High so I would perform at my Mom’s bar and other local bars, as well as do fund raisers in the area. I also had my own DJ equipment and would DJ sometimes at my Mom’s bar only.


What is it like owning a bar in Elizabethtown?


Owning a bar or any business in Elizabethtown has its ups and downs. The one general downside to owning a business in Elizabethtown is the parking! I always hear people complain that it is so difficult to visit downtown businesses because of parking. But for us it’s not too bad because adjacent to our building is a municipal parking lot, however, most of our clientele are pedestrians. That is an upside to having a business in town, you are in walking distance for a large number of people. But we do have to worry and show consideration for our close neighbors. In the warmer but still cool months we like to leave the door open BUT we have to monitor the jukebox so that it doesn’t disturb the neighbors. We are also very strict with our customers respecting our neighbors as well. Another advantage of being in Elizabethtown is that most of our staff is within walking distance so when it snows or we need emergency coverage no one has an issue coming in to help out.


Do you feel that you have any competition in Elizabethtown?


Most definitely! Being a small family business we have competition from larger businesses on occasion but our biggest competition is the clubs such as the Legion, VFW and Moose. These are non-profits that are able to charge very low prices for the same product and we now have to worry about Giant since they are now permitted to sell take out beer and wine. Take out is a big part of our business and with our size we are not able to have the big selection that Giant has. But on the up side of that, people who don’t drive or don’t want to deal with the traffic still come to the End Zone for to-go beer. We’re a Mom and Pop place so any business like ours always has the potential to be a hindrance.



How did you acquire the End Zone Bar & Grill?


In 1999 I worked as a machinist at a local machine shop and my Mom came to me because she found a small place in Elizabethtown that had been a working bar that slowly decreased its hours and the husband passed away and his wife was ready to sell. My Mom asked me if I would quit my job, remodel the bar and then take charge of running the business with the understanding that we were partners and that once I was financially able, I could buy the business from her. With the support of my wife, I decided to go for it. Was it easy? No! I was married, we just bought our second house and our son was only 7 months old. It was rough at first but we made it all work out as best as we could.



Where does End Zone come from?


My stepfather, Herb. When my Mom purchased the place and the liquor license we had to come up with a name and Herb thought that Elizabethtown needed a sports bar. He thought it should be End Zone Sports Bar and so that is what name my Mom took. Once I bought the bar from her I changed the name to End Zone Bar & Grill and kept the trade name as End Zone Bar & Grill2, Inc. I really wanted to change the name completely, but the cost involved is more than I was willing to pay.


What are the ups and downs to owning a bar?


Everyone thinks owning a bar is all just a big party and a get rich quick idea, but it’s not. After owning the business for the last 12 years or so, my wife still works and helps me run the bar. If it was a get rich deal she would have retired a long time ago. It does have good points. You get to meet a lot of people and you are basically in charge of helping them have a good time and forget their troubles. But you also have to deal with all the certifications you and your staff have to complete, most of which we require. Every bartender is required to be RAMP certified (responsible alcohol management program), my wife and I are also RAMP certified and my wife is certified in food safety. It’s a lot of work but I also get to make my own hours and I don’t have to answer to anyone except the Liquor Control Board, the IRS and the insurance companies that insure our employees and our business. Even though I come and go as I please, that’s not to say that I couldn’t be called out at any time. There have been times when I have to go to the bar in the middle of the night, which is obviously one of the downs of owning a bar. There is so much more to owning a bar or your own business for that matter BUT, if you asked me if I would change the path I decided to take, I would say no. I am happy and comfortable with the choice I made 19 years ago.

David Varner Sr.





Humans of Etown Video: Matt Weidman


David: Alright Matt gonna ask you a few questions about hunting, wed been hunting for together for awhile now. So just first off how long have you been hunting?

Matt: I’ve went out with dad when I was Eight I’m 26 right now and I’ve been hunting since I was 12.

David: And what are the things you like about hunting?

Matt: Getting away from the everyday hustle of life. And the fact i can provide for my family and put food on the table.

David: what do you also like about it?

Matt: Again getting away


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Review: Fallout 4

I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the post apocalyptic open world RPG Fallout 4 and give it my thoughts on the game. With this review were going to go over the story, graphics, and replay ability of the game, as well as get opinions from other gamers who’ve experienced the game in some capacity.

The main story line of Fallout 4 is that the player is a father or mother, depending on character choice that has woken up in an underground vault that has kept the player cryogenically frozen for one hundred years. To the player’s surprise they find their spouse shot dead and their newborn son missing. At this point it’s the player’s goal to find who killed their spouse, as well as find their missing son.

I found this to be an interesting start for the open-world game. Right off the bat the creators try to rope the player in with their emotions in order to feel more inclined to continue with the story. If the player were to only do the main story it could take roughly 30 hours to complete. But there is far more to explore and discover and there are hundreds of side quests that the player can complete, which I highly suggest to get the full experience.

With a lot of games one of the first things gamers look at is the graphics. I was able to analyze and compare the graphics in Fallout 4 to other games.

It’s easy to tell from the first Fallout game to the current there are amazing improvements. Even from newer games like Fallout New Vegas there are tremendous improvements, from things like skin textures to player movement and even better A.I. movement. There’s always room for improvement in any game graphics-wise, but the developers did a fantastic job with the graphics even though the game is massive.

The biggest priority for game developers is being able to make a game that has high replay ability. If a player has a game that they can only play through once, gamers will lose interest fast and the developers start to lose profit.

I myself have played multiple games in Fallout 4. The thing I find that the developers of the Fallout series do a fantastic job at is the replay ability. They give players hundreds of side quests as mentioned before, which all of them can assist the player in beating the main quest. They sometimes also have their own little stories that can pull a gamer in making them more devoted to the game. With this gamers will want to try and complete all the side stories to find out the whole story Fallout has to offer.

It’s not always the story that people replay the game for either; sometimes it’s to find all the hiden secrets developers have left for gamers. Fallout always has hidden secrets or “Easter eggs” as gamers call it, weather its in reference to other games they have made or something from pop culture. No matter what it is, its fun and exciting to go back through and find these hidden gems that the player might have missed in a previous play through.

I had the pleasure of talking to some fellow gamers online and get their opinion on the game. The first one I talked to went by the name of Extra IQ and he stated “I don’t consider myself as a mega Fallout 4 fan but what I can say is that I had a fun time playing through the story, and I plan on buying the next game in the Fallout series if one were to come out.” Dankaudib8 was the next gamer I met online he expressed, “I absolutely love this game! I haven’t played the previous games so I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the game.”

From all the information I have gathered, as well as my own personal opinion it’s safe to say Fallout 4 is a fantastic game and I would highly recommend it to any gamer. If I had to give an exact score on the game I would give it an 8.5/10.

Fallout 4 Workshop

First Win of the Day for Cloud 9

Cloud 9 was able to pull out a swift win against Clutch Gaming at the end of a 34-minute League of Legends match. The team was on a two lose streak for the day until their final match against Clutch Gaming, making their end of day record 1-2. This also left Clutch Gaming at a 1-2 win lose ratio for the day.

Tension was high as the match started, all the players were in their spots waiting for the minions to spawn, and waiting to see who would make the first move. The first kill went to Cloud 9 in the middle lane. The next to go was Clutch Gaming’s player Solo against Cloud 9’s player, Licorice, but Solo was able to take out Licorice with a burning effect that lasted after Solo’s death.

The first turret to go was Clutch Gaming’s right lane turret at 14 minutes; Cloud 9 then proceeded to the second right lane turret and was also able to knock it out. While Clutch’s bottom turrets were being taken out, they were able to take out Cloud 9’s first top turret as well as their second one, evening the teams up.

At 22 minutes both teams are still even in the way of turrets but Cloud 9 is up 5-2 in the way of player kills. They were then able to make that 7-2 with an amazing double kill by Licorice.

Cloud 9 was making a team push in the middle lane 33 minutes into the game. They were successful with a stunning triple kill, and they were able to take down their last middle tower, now leaving Clutch Gaming with its two home towers.

Cloud 9 continued to push at 33 minutes and 25 seconds for the win and took out the two home turrets leaving Clutch Gaming’s crystal wide open and with no one from Clutch responding it was easy to tell that Cloud 9 was able to take the win.

The game ended at 33 minutes and 42 seconds. In after match interview on YouTube with Cloud 9’s Smoothie he was asked how it was going into the final game of the day with the team mentally tired, he explained, “at the end of the day you got to do what you got to do”. He was then asked why he thinks he was called the MVP of the game, he responded “I don’t think I was the MVP, I do think we all need improvement as a team though so we can pull out more wins.”

All the competing teams are going to have to regroup and re-strategize for the next games if they want to make it to the semifinals.

All the characters of LOL together

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