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Etown’s Got Talent Review

Elizabethtown College’s student senate class of 2020 presented the annual talent show at Leffler Chapel Friday, April 6. Students at Etown performed dancing and singing duos, beatboxing, juggling singing and instrumental pieces to benefit The Church World Services or CWS refugee center.

The night commenced with sophomore Emily Perry and Ethan Waugh co-hosts cracking jokes. They represented the student senate club by serving as co-hosts. Personally, I found the jokes unentertaining. I am biased because I do not find knock-knock jokes funny. I deem that this took away from the show because it was uncomfortable to watch and seemed disorganized. The co-hosts would pause awkwardly or move in front of each other, making it hard to hear what they were saying. Emily and Ethan have great stage presence, and I think they could have utilized this characteristic better in a different capacity.

“The most difficult part of hosting was trying to plan funny bits in between every act. Ethan and I went through over a dozen different ideas and even switched things we were going to do the night of the show, right before we went on,” Perry said.

The first act contained four performances. Juniors and roommates, Cheryl Errichetti and Sara Palatnik performed the song, “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman. The interpretive dancing by Errichetti was well done; her costume was gold with glitters, adding to the theme of the movie. I am biased because I love the movie; however, audience members seemed to like Palatnik’s singing and piano playing skills combined with Errichetti’s dance.

The second performer was Joseph Wunderlich who played an original song on the guitar. He utilized a photograph of his girlfriend facing away from the audience to give the performance an artistically appealing image to look at while he played guitar. It was creative of Wunderlich to display a photograph of his inspiration for the piece without specifically stating the song was about the girl.

First-year John Duttenhofer performed popular songs in beatboxing form. It was a unique and unexpected performance. By having a beatboxer in the mix of performances for the evening, it added a surprising and diversified talent to the group. The crowd and myself were impressed by Duttenhofer’s talent.

Josh Fisherman,  performed an original song called “Hello World” singing and playing guitar. While he was talented, his song was very long, boring some audience members. Some audience members were even yawning.

Sophomores and friends, Hannah Paymer and Dylan Warner took the stage to sing “You and Me, but Mostly Me.” They both are excellent singers, but the song choice was not familiar to me, or any other members. The audience seemed to lack interest because they could not get into the song. It would have been wiser to select a show tune that is popular and relatable to viewers of different ages.

First-year Elise Stendal sang and played guitar to an alternative original song titled, “Rising.” I am biased because this is not my preferred style of genre, so I personally did not love it. However, Stendal is talented and the audience cheered loudly for her.

Junior Bradley Vasilik juggled and rode a unicycle. His performance mastered stage presence due to the use of upbeat music and dramatic usage of lights. The performance was exciting and received enthusiastic screams from viewers.

Junior Megan Stone performed “Danny Boy,” in an opera-like fashion. She was very talented in her alto pieces but got pitchy during her soprano parts. Some audience members nearby cringed. She should have selected a song that showcased her excellent alto skills.

Lastly, first-year Hunter Reiner, his father and friend, Austin Brown gave a rock concert vibes to Leffler Chapel. Reiner came out playing his electric guitar and audience member screamed with excitement. The group played a number of songs, but it did not feel too long. This is so because Reiner and his band were clearly having an awesome time performing.

After voting polls closed, the winners were announced. First place was awarded to Reiner and his band, second to Stendal’s singing and third place to Vasilik’s juggling act.

Overall, Etown’s Got Talent was a fun and well-organized event. There was a diversity of talents in the production; the proceeds helped a worthy cause. To better prepare for the event, there should have been more practices and rehearsals to ensure that performances were audience ready. Additionally, the co-hosts should have practiced transitions between acts to make them smoother and more informational for the audience members. This annual event could be better advertised in the future by sending emails weeks in advance and asking for auditions from a variety of talents.

Hunter and friends celebrating Hunter’s first place win at Etown’s Got Talent.

Article by: Brianna Titi

Humans of Etown 2018 Kaley Frantz

Meet Kaley Frantz by Brianna Titi 
            Kaley Frantz in her dorm room

About Kaley Frantz

Sophomore Kaley Frantz is a social work major at Elizabethtown College. She describes herself as an extremely extroverted individual who is bubbly, determined, motivated and caring towards others. When not in classes, Frantz can be found studying, spending time with her roommate and best friends and seeking fun adventures on and off campus.

Attraction to Etown

Frantz was initially interested in the College because of the social work department. “I was impressed by the social work department and all they had to offer,” she explained. Frantz also preferred going to a small college because it seemed like an ideal fit for her. Furthermore, she loved the atmosphere of the campus. “Everyone I met had a friendly and welcoming attitude, which attracted me towards selecting Elizabethtown,” she commented.

Roommate Memories

Frantz reminisces the first day of college when she met her roommate. Frantz was excited that they were both social work majors, hoping that they would have common interests. However, her roommate was random and the two had never met before. “I remember seeing that she had the exact same bedroom sheets as me and I instantly knew we would be best friends, Frantz said with a huge smile. “Julianna and I could literally not get along any better as roommates than we do. Our relationship is simple and great.” Frantz and current sophomore Julianna Giannantonio will be rooming together for the third consecutive year as in the fall of 2018.

Daily College Life

On a typical weekday, Frantz attends her classes. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, she works at the local nursery, Elizabethtown Community Nursery School, which is within walking distance. Frantz loves helping with the children. She is in the process of becoming a tour guide and is involved with the social work club on campus.

Frantz does not have one particular fondest memory of Etown, but rather a compilation of fun times. “I love hanging out with my friends and taking the time to enjoy college,” she says. While Frantz is known to study hard, she takes time to relax and relish campus life.

Community-Based Service

As a part of the social work major, students are required to participate in community-based learning. Currently, Frantz has done 15 hours at three distinct locations: Conestoga View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Joshua Group in Harrisburg and GEARS in Elizabethtown. From these experiences, Frantz has gained valuable knowledge. “It is helpful to have these exposures on a personal and a professional level,” she explained. “I have discovered so much about myself, others and the world in general through community-based service learning.”

Nicaragua Trip

This past winter break, Frantz went on a service-based trip to Nicaragua. It was her first time leaving the country, so she felt a mixture of feelings of nervousness and excitement. “It was truly a life-changing event for me; it was incredible to immerse myself in the culture and the children there,” she explained. “The world is so much bigger than you think; eons bigger than small town PA.”

While in Nicaragua, Frantz and other students helped teach the children English. Each week, the children learned vocabulary and this week they focused on body parts. Frantz and other students also incorporated arts and crafts in the children’s day. “Many of the children have never seen a paintbrush or canvas,” Frantz said. “We taught them how to express themselves through art, which was transformational for the kids.”

Frantz reflected on how the trip has altered her life. “I and my fellow students may have only made a small impact on them, but the children have made a huge impact on me,” she said. “People in the U.S. and other developed countries complain about going to school every day, but the children of Nicaragua would die to have that experience.”

Not only did Frantz love helping the children, but she also enjoyed visiting Nicaragua. “The country itself is incredibly beautiful,” she said. “The mountains and landscape are breathtaking.”

Future Aspirations

Post college, Frantz dreams of working as a social work major with children in some capacity. She first plans on attending graduate school. Frantz hopes to obtain a steady job that she loves. “Working with children will make me really happy,” she said.  “I am very excited to start using what I have learned in college and becoming a real adult in the world.”


Humans of Etown 2018 Haylee Kirschner

Haylee Kirschner, Junior Social Work Major, In Career Service, working the front desk









Brianna: “Hello, can you please tell me your name, year and your major?”

Haylee: “Hello my name is Haylee Kirschner. I am a junior and a current social work major.”

Brianna: ” Can you please tell me what your favorite Elizabethtown College memory is?”

Haylee: “Yes, my favorite Etown memory was getting my acceptance letter into the social work department my sophomore year.”

Brianna: “Thank you for your time.”

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Humans of Etown 2018 Dr. Katherine Hughes

Humans of Etown 2018 Dr. Katherine Hughes

By Brianna Titi and Miranda Fedor

Dr. Hughes, Assistant Professor of Communications in her Office in Steinman, Room 206

Brianna: “Hello, can you please tell me your name and how long you have been working here?”

Dr. Hughes: “Certainly. My name is Dr. Katherine Hughes and I’m an Assistant Professor here at Elizabethtown College. I’ve been here… this is year four.”

Brianna: “Can you please tell me what your most memorable moment at Etown is?”

Dr. Hughes: “Sure. I enjoy graduation, the commencement ceremonies. I enjoy seeing our students and their families being able to celebrate all their hard work. So for me, I think it’s getting together on commencement day. Everyone’s there to celebrate and honor the hard work that they’ve done. So for me, probably commencement.”

Brianna: “Thank you for your time.”

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Elizabethtown Blue Jay’s Lose First Baseball Game 2-3 by Brianna Titi

The men’s baseball team played their first game of the season at Elizabethtown College Kevin Scott Stadium, Sunday March 17. The game was supposed to occur Tuesday, March 13 but was postponed due to snow on the field. The Etown Blue Jays lost to the Penn State Harrisburg Lions. The final score was 3-2 in favor of the Lions.

The first three top and bottom innings ended in a score of zero. The Lions made their first run during the top of the fourth inning. First-year Casey Winters hit a ball that got him to first base and stole second. Winters ran to home when his teammate sophomore Tyler Aug hit. Etown’s first baseman, Brennan Snyder got runners out on first and third.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, with Etown at bat, first-year Michael Rajnik struck out. Sophomore Riley McGinley hit second running first. The catcher tried to tag him out four times, but was not successful. Junior Taggert Hess got to first base from his hit. Senior Colby Smith was up to bat and tried to run to first base. Smith got out and the third basemen got McGinley out.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Hess hit and ran to first base. Smith hit a bunt and was tagged out. Sophomore Derek Manning hit a ball and ran to first base as Hess ran to second. Snyder hit a triple getting Hess and Manning home. Christy struck out. Lorenz also struck out. Etown took a lead with 2-1.

In the top of the ninth inning, with the Lions at bat, Winters hit and got to first base. Senior Alex Cline hit and ran to second. Junior Michael Torres got a triple, sending home. Senior Chris Iocca was hit with the ball and walked to first. Senior Josh Brubaker hit and tried to get to first. Cline made it home, while Brubaker got tagged out. Junior Scott Angstadt Jr. and first-year Ryan Kennington both struck out. The final score was 3-2 in favor of Penn State Harrisburg.

McGinley was pleased with the team’s performance. “We pitched really well, but we just need to come through with the guys on bases,” he said. Sophomore Tommy Armstrong also thought they played well.

Manning was unhappy. “We played with effort, but we missed the final leg of the game,” he said.

Sophomore Mason Abate also was disappointed. “In my opinion, the team has to get their hitting together before the end of the game,” Abate said.

Parents came to support the team. Tanya McTaggert, mother of first-year son Colin McTaggert attended. “Essentially, he came out of my womb he was holding and hitting a baseball,” McTaggert laughed.

Alison Baxter, mother of junior Nate Baxter came to support the Blue Jays. “I love watching baseball,” she said. “Our whole family is a baseball/softball one.”

This photo was taken during the bottom of the third inning. Blue Jays player junior James Kantener is at bat. The Lion’s senior Bobby Patterson is pitching.

Listen to my podcast in the link below: