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Some kids worry about going off to college.  They are afraid they might not make friends or they may miss sleeping in their own bed everyday.  It is a huge adjustment all college students have to make. James Vernon not only made this transition at by come to Elizabethtown College.  Her has been making this transition all of his life


Around the World


James was born in Meyrin, Switzerland.  His father worked for the United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).  With this kind of work, James’s family had to travel all around the world.  James spent the majority of his life in Switzerland, but at the age of five he had to move away to France.  He would find himself moving back to France and moving away again at the age of 17.


James never got the chance to have a normal childhood.  He moved away from all his friends and all the relations he had made as a kid.  Soon enough he would have to make that transition 4 more time. James also found himself in country’s such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the United States.  Every time he would settle down he would have to get right back up again.  Up until three years ago, he had only lived abroad.


True Values


Some kids would end up finding themselves into trouble with the same situations that James went through.  James said these issues he had to deal with made him a stronger person and made him really recognize the world around him.  James said that, “Growing up in many different countries has given me an appreciation and a deeper understanding for many different cultures.”  


My town growing up did not have a high school.  After spending nine years of my life in one school, I had to now start high school in a new school with kids I didn’t know.  It was a very terrifying experience. I was afraid of not fitting and being looked at as a uncool. James went through this type of situation three different times.  


Having to go to so many different schools was the worst thing about moving around James says.  He says that, “This was a nuisance and something that I hated about moving around.” He was forced to repeat a year of school because of a certain move.  Although these changes were difficult, he would not have changed a thing.


James reflected on his life while sitting on stage after graduating high school from Sanford School in Delaware.  He said that, “I realized that I would not have changed it because while I did go to three different schools. I have learned to open up more to new people and to be more outgoing.”


Life at Elizabethtown

Even with all these transitions, James says his move to Etown has been the easiest.  His father is an alumni of Etown and choosing to attend here was easy. The school is not far from his house so he is never too far from home.  When asked about living on his own, he said that, “Living here on my own at first was a pretty different but it has gotten easier.” He says he has lived on his own before but this is the longest he has gone without living with his parents.


After all of these transitions, James has finally found himself a home at Etown.  James is looking forward to the end of the semester and to wherever his travels will take him next.

HUMANS OF ETOWN: Justin Sutton

Why did you decide to come to Elizabthtown College to play basketball?

“I chose to play basketball at Elizabethtown College because it had a quiet, calm, laid back setting that was conducive to how I navigate my regular everyday life. I knew Elizabethtown was going to be temporary, but the athletics at this school taught me a lot.”

How was your transition from Philadelphia to here?

“Academically, the transition went pretty smoothly since the college academic schedule is easier than high school. Athletically, however, I had a bit of a rough transition even though I learned fast. I learned that college basketball plays are not easy to remember and that regardless of the level you play on, you still have to be in top condition and give a consistent effort.”

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Kenneth Berkenstock

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A Review of Wrestlemania, That May Still Be Going On


     Wrestlemania is the culmination of a year’s worth of storylines and expectations.  The WWE universe saw the debut of Ronda Rousey and the dream match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.  Some of these matches surpassed their expectation, but sadly some did not. One night after WWE’s developmental brand NXT put on one of the greatest pay-per views in the company’s history, the real question was: Could Wrestlemania live up to the hype?


    From a pair of thrilling matches to open the show to a major shock in the main event, the event showed star power.  The Mercedes-Benz Superdome was rocking the first half of this show.  Ronda Rousey shocked most us with her debut match after coming off her career in the UFC.  Before this show, no one had ever seen her wrestle. Not too many people get to make their debut on that grand of a stage.  Though this was her first match, viewers could just tell she was made to do this.


   Rousey teamed up with Kurt Angle to take on the power couple of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  It was a very fun match and arguably the shows greatest highlight. Two 50 year-olds, a UFC fighter, and a non-wrestler had arguably the best match at Wrestlemania.


   There were no expectation for this match, which is what made it so great.  No one expected Rousey to perform the way she did. It was the highpoint of the show, but everything fell off from there.


   To sum this show up in one word — long.  With the pre-show and main card combined the show was seven hours long.  Seven hours is just too long. A hot crowd of 75,000 people was drained by the second half of the show.  The highly anticipated match between John Cena and the returning Undertaker only went two minutes and 45 seconds.  No one saw that coming.


    The lack of exciting matches left the crowd twiddling their thumbs by the end of the show.  One of those matches that lacked that excitement factor was the match between Styles and Nakamura.  This was labeled as a dreamed match. These two had only wrestled each other one-on-one once before and that match took place in New Japan Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, prior to both competitors coming to WWE.


    This was one of the most hyped matches in the history of wrestling.  Their first encounter was a classic. When Nakamura won the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia back in January, earning him a championship match, fans were expecting lightning to strike twice.


    That lightning did not come.  It was more a rain shower that ruined a day at the beach.  The match was good, but with a dying crowd and time constraints the match was not as good as it could have been.  Both athletes are very capable, being recognized as two of the best wrestlers to ever come from Japan. This match and the two that followed made a great show turn into a good show.


     It was highly anticipated before the show of who would be the tag partner of Braun Strowman against the Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro.  The mystery partner was not a returning Rey Mysterio or another superstar returning from injury. The mystery partner turned out to be a 10-year-old child from the crowd named Nicholas.  The seven foot tall Braun Strowman and Nicholas holding the tag titles was quite a scene.


    The main event was the Universal Title match between the champion Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.  This was the match nobody wanted to see. More people were watching a beach ball being passed amongst the crowd than the action in the ring.  Roman is not liked by the fans of WWE. Fans are really sick of seeing him being in his fourth consecutive Wrestlemania main event. Most experts reported Reigns was going to win.  Lesnar is reportedly on his way back to the UFC, so most people didn’t really care about the match.


    The action in the ring didn’t help bring back fans attention.  This match was bad and very hard to watch. Not to mention Reigns was busted open after consecutive MMA style elbows to the face.  It was just too much blood for a PG show.


    The ending was a real shocker to all.  After kicking out of 4 F5’s (Lesnar’s finishing maneuver), it seemed like Reigns was a shoe in to win.  No one had kicked out of that move all year. After a fifth F5, the referee counted 1, 2, 3.


    In the show was very good, but it will not have that lasting effect.  Last year we saw the return of the Hardy Boyz and so many other memorable moments.  This year did not have that wow factor. Looking back on this, it will just be another number in line.





Bethlehem Ends Berks Season

Bethlehem Ends Berks Season


    Berks Catholic had been on a 24 game winning streak entering Friday’s PIAA Class 4A quarterfinals game.  The Saints hoped to continue their historical season with a trip to the semifinals.


   Thanks to the length of Bethlehem Catholic Golden Hawks brothers Ryan and Kyle Young, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.  Bethlehem Catholic defeated Berks Catholic 62 to 37 in Martz Hall in Pottsville.


   The Saints had a hard time getting off shots due to the Young brothers height.  Berks Catholic Junior captain Casey Jack was front and center for what the Golden Hawks had to offer.  Jack said, “Every Time I tried to get to the hoop I had a hand in my face. It was very difficult.”


   6 feet 10 inches Ryan Young, senior, had a team leading 22 rebonds along with 14 points while 6 feet 7 inches Kyle Young, junior, had five rebounds and nine points.  Bethlehem combined to have 42 rebounds and 10 assists while Berks had 32 rebonds and only two assists.  According to, Berks Catholic averages around 13.1 assets a game


    “I give them all the credit in the world,” said Berks Catholic coach Snips Esterly.  “They played really good defence. Whenever we had someone beat we had to deal with a 6-foot-10 kid in the paint.”


    Berks Catholic struggled out the gate with only shooting 4-20 in the first half.  They found themselves down by 20 going into halftime. They only scored three points in the second quarter.  Berks Catholic did not lead at any point throughout the game.


    “We lost pretty early,” Jack said.  “Guys were getting wide open shots and we couldn’t get their big guys out of the paint.  We just really couldn’t get anything to go right for us.”


    Jack finished the game with a team high 14 points and five rebounds.  Luis Gracia, junior, also had 12 points and five rebounds. The Saints finished the season with a record of 28-3.


    Ryan Kondrack, senior,  and the Pottsville Crimson Tide played Berks Catholic in the first game of the season.  “They are a very tuff team to play,” Kondrack said. “They were a real tough opponent for us to start the season.  I think it made us a lot better.” The Saints beat the Crimson Tide 42-38.


     Bethlehem Catholic (29-3) advance to the state semifinal for the first time ever to play Imhotep High School.  A location for that game has yet to be determined. The winner of that game will go on to Hershey and play for a state championship.

Elizabethtown College Introduces Men’s Volleyball



    It was announced in July of 2017 that Elizabethtown College would be starting a men’s volleyball program along with the woman’s.  This past week, the team had their first meeting as they try to recruit players for the upcoming 2018-19 season.  This will be Elizabethtown’s 24th Division III sport.

    Elizabethtown College will now be giving more students an opportunity to play in college.  In a previous interview on the Elizabethtown College website, President Carl J. Strikwerda said that, “The College is pleased to expand the opportunities for our students to compete in varsity sports by offering men’s volleyball and enjoy the full benefits of our scholar-athlete model.”

    Amy Frasch, a former swimmer at Elizabethtown College, really likes the idea of DIII athletes.  She mentions the importance of making friends and also adding that, “Being involved in sports helped me stay focused and on top of things.”

   The team will be coached by Alex Hinsey.  Hinsey is no stranger to volleyball and coaching.  In his three years of coaching for Upper Saint Clair, he lead the girls team to a 46-12 record and numerous births into the state playoff berths.  Getting the team there for the first time since 2007. He was also the boys varsity head coach at Steel Valley High School from 2013 to 2017.  The team would win 35 games with Hinsey as their coach.

    Elizabethtown has always had a club team, but Hinsey will be basically starting from scratch with this new job.  “When I was in high school there weren’t as many opportunities to play college volleyball at the varsity level.”  Hinsey thought the opportunity to start a new program from the ground up was a huge opportunity for him.

    Compared to girls volleyball, there are not many options for boys to play volleyball at a varsity level.  When ask about this, Hinsey said, “Most people see volleyball as a girls sport.”  He also added that the sport of boys volleyball is a growing sport at the college level.  Elizabethtown College will be the 102 Division III school to have a men’s volleyball team.

    There are 90 different high schools throughout the state of Pennsylvania with high school volleyball teams.  On the contrast, only 22 colleges in Pennsylvania offer a Men’s team.  Only 2 of those colleges are a Division I school.  That only gives 303 kids an opportunity to play men’s volleyball at the next level.  Only 13.5 of those student could receive a scholarship.

    Hinsey was in a similar situation when he took over another newly started high school team in the Pittsburgh area.  Within the first two years of coaching that team, they won a league title.  Coach Hinsey is looking for that same success in the coming years here at Elizabethtown.

     “We want to compete.  Wins and losses will take care of themselves.  We want to be the best team we can be.”

    Elizabethtown College will also be hosting a boys volleyball clinic in March for high school students.  The camps main focus is to teach kids the basics of volleyball and improving their skills.  It is also an opportunity to get kids to come to Elizabethtown and see how they like it.

Volleyball will hopefully be a fan favorite here on campus.  Danielle Hudicka, a student at Elizabthown, played volleyball in high school and says it was a great sport to play.  She says that, “It was a great hobby.  Being able to be around a Buch on girls,” was her favorite part about playing.

     The team will be joining the Continental Volleyball Conference (CVC) this coming year.  The conference is expanding to 12 teams, adding 3 new schools this year.  This conference includes schools such as Rutgers University-Newark, and Southern Virginia University.