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Humans of Etown-Zac Knapp


Can you tell me your name, major, and class?

“My name is Zac Knapp, I’m a business administration major entrepreneurship concentration and I’m a junior.”

What do you like to do here in your free time at Elizabethtown?

“I like to play the guitar.”

How long have you been playing?

“I’ve played guitar for about 11 years. I thought myself how to play. Yea I really enjoy it.”

Who are some of your favorite artists to play?

“I’m big into…I play the acoustic guitar, so I really like listening to Vance Joy, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffet…those guys.

Do you go to any concerts like Firefly or Bonnaroo?

“I’ve been to Firefly once last summer was my first summer. I’m going to a Chainsmokers concert this summer. I’m pretty excited.”


Humans of Etown-Brandon Sankey


Can you tell me your name, major, and class?

“My name is Brandon Sankey, I’m a freshman, and I’m a business administration major.”

Why did you decide to come to Etown?”

“I decided to come to Etown because of the great business program, I fell in love with the school and the people are always so friendly and I just fell in love with the great community.”

What’s your favorite aspect about Etown so far?

“I love the small class sizes because it gives me one-on-one with the professors.”

What do you plan to do once you graduate?

“I plan to work near my home, preferably in the D.C. area.”

Humans of Etown-Andrew Watts

Etown student Andrew Watts

It’s August 2015 and Andrew Watts feels like he is going to throw up. He’s gone over this situation multiple times in his bed, but is still uncomfortable. After a couple of seconds, Watts decides it’s time. He opens the door of Royer 215 to meet his college roommate for the first time.

Who is Andrew Watts?

Andrew Watts is now a junior education major (social studies) here at Elizabethtown College. Watts is originally from Newton, Pa., but attended high school at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia. “It was definitely a different experience than a typical high school student having both school and religion so intertwined.” He has a relatively small family with only one sibling, Rob, who graduated from St. Joseph’s University in 2015. When asked to describe himself, Watts said that he believes that he is a dedicated and internally-motivated student.

Why Etown?

The main driving factor in Watts’ decision to attend Etown were the academics. “After researching multiple schools, Etown’s education program really set itself apart,” Watts said. “I recently got excepted into the master’s program, which I’m proud of myself for.” Watts was also impressed with the family-like feeling that Etown had. “When I visited my senior, everyone at Etown was very welcoming and friendly. I knew this was a place where I wanted to go to college.”

Philly Fanatic

Watts is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan who has been attending games at FedEx Field almost his whole life. “I love the atmosphere of the tailgates and games,” Watts said. “It’s the best thing to do on a Sunday.” This past NFL season was particularly special for Watts. The Eagles were crowned Super Bowl Champions after beating the New England Patriots 41 to 33. “I might have cried a little,” Watts said. Even after such a fantastic year, Watts believes that his team is going back to the championship in 2019. “Go Birds!”


One of Watts’ favorite activities to do is to fish. Watts gives credit to his father for his passion. He’s gone on multiple deep-sea fishing trips with his family off the coast of NJ. “It’s amazing when you feel that first bite from the fish,” Watts said. Although Etown is in Central PA, Watts still finds time for his passion. He can usually be seen at Lake Placid with a rod in hand when the weather is nice. “Fishing helps me relax,” Watts said. “Whenever I’m stressing about finals, I come out to the lake to get my mind off of school work.”

Ireland Trip

This spring Watts has the opportunity to complete a short-term study abroad trip to Northern Ireland with Etown’s Department of Education. The trip will run from May 20-29th where Watts will take Peace Education and Integrated Schools in Northern Ireland and the United States (ED372). Although this will be his first time out of the country, he is still excited for the trip. “I’m kind of nervous about the plane ride, but know once I get to Ireland I’m going to have a great time,” Watts said. “On top of getting to experience the culture of Ireland, I also have the option to conduct independent research with a faculty mentor.”

Fast forward three years to August 2017. Watts is about to open the wooden door to his off-campus house. However, the door swings open before he’s able to grab the handle. Watts looks up to see his housemate reaching out to help him carry in his belongings.

Review: Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale is a third-person shooter game.

Becoming Viral

Fortnite: Battle Royale has been able to high-step its way through the crowd of average video games and become something truly great. The game has a standard setup, where up to 100 players are dropped on a large (but shrinking) map with the goal of being the last person alive. Although the game was only recently released in September 2017, the developer reported Fortnite having roughly 3.4 million players. Fortnite has become a viral sensation, with famous rapper Drake and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster being current players.

A Game for Everyone

Part of what makes Fortnite great is that it’s suited for all ages. Unlike most Battle Royale games, Fortnite doesn’t have any blood or gore. Everything about the game has a funny and lighthearted tone. Players start out the game by jumping from a party bus that is held up by massive balloons. Even all the cities on the map use alliteration; such as Tomato Town, Flush Factory, Snobby Shores and Lonely Lodge. Fortnite has incorporated the ability for players to dance and send funny gestures to their opponents as well. Players can also find loot inside piñatas called supply llamas. Even when an enemy is killed, they don’t really die. Instead, they’re teleported away after losing.

Hard Hat Suggested

Fortnite’s simple building system has also been able to help set it apart from other games in this genre. Players must scavenge the map for materials (wood, stone, metal) before they can do any type of construction. Each material has unique properties in strength and the time required to build. Although the set-up is basic, Fortnite’s building system gives players endless options to creatively build. Some options include building ramps down the side of a mountain so the player doesn’t die from the fall or building a floor to run across Loot Lake. One of the most popular option among players is to build makeshift bunkers or bases when under attack. In general, the building system gives players the ability to improvise and adapt to their situation in the game.

Game Style

With no two Fortnite games being the same, it can be difficult to get bored. The style of play is dependent on what weapons you scavenge. Players might second guess shooting at an enemy if the only weapon they have is a pistol. Epic Games has created an arsenal for players to choose from, with options ranging from a simple pistol to a destructive rocket launcher. Weapons are also color-coded to show their level of strength and uniqueness. Another aspect that makes Fortnite stand apart from their competition is the addition of traps and explosives to gameplay. The combination of weapons and traps makes players have a strategic plan on how they’re going to play offense and defense. Through multiple updates, Fortnite has added additional items including Cozy Campfire, Slurp Juice, and Launch Pad. Although Fortnite seems as simple as a game of checkers, it’s more like a strategic game of chess.

Although only having one life per game makes enemy confrontation risky, most matches still have a quick game pace. As players die a “storm” moves to the center, causing the map to get smaller and smaller. This eliminates the possibility of running around the whole map trying to find the last enemy. Players also have the option to drop at more populated area, such as Titled Towers, if players want a more action-packed game. If players prefer to loot for resources first, they’re also able to drop at unpopulated areas along the map.


Fortnite has also added more player personalization than most games in this genre. They’re able to earn (through tasks/goals) or buy “skins” to customize their player. The game offers seasonal outfits, such as an Easter Bunny costume, if players chose. Other options include making a player’s pickaxe look like a children’s toy. Overall, Fortnite is a strategic, player-focused game.