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Humans of Etown: Elise Stendal

Meet Elise

The first year of college brings feelings of nervousness and excitement as students embark on a new chapter of their life. Elise Mohr Stendal is finishing up her first year and has gained more confidence not only as a student, but as an individual.


Stendal is from Chambersburg Pennsylvania and is a psychology major. She hopes to become a clinical psychologist after she graduates from college. This would allow her to work with adults with any mental health disorder. “I want to help them express themselves and relieve their pain,” Stendal said. She also currently has a minor in Peace and Conflict because she is very passionate about inclusion and love.

Stendal is also passionate about music. She reflects on how music has affected her life. “Well, music has played a role my life because it has helped me get though anxiety, I’ve been able to play with my dad, that’s a way we connect, I like using it to bring joy to other people,” Stendal said. However, music isn’t her first priority. She plays in her free time while focusing on getting a psychology degree. She does not want to peruse music as a career, but if “something happens, it happens.”

A quality about herself that she values is her ability to be nonjudgmental. “I’m very sensitive and it’s really hard for me to think badly of you, it would take a lot for me to think badly of you,” Stendal says. This can be seen by her friend Andrea Grey. “Before we meet new people, she is also very optimistic and opened minded. She is a very accepting person. She has inspired me to try to be more like that and not hold people to expectations before even meeting them,” Grey said.

Time at Etown

She came to Elizabethtown College because she liked the fact that it is a liberal Arts school. Going along with her minor of peace building, Stendal enjoys how Etown was built for equality. Receiving a scholarship was also a factor when it came time to choose a college. Her favorite aspect about Etown is how beautiful the campus is. “It’s pretty on the outside and on the inside,” Stendal said.

One of her favorite memories since she has been at Etown was when she participated in Etown’s Got Talent. She performed an original song and got second place. She enjoyed playing for people, including her parents who came to watch her perform. “Rising,” the song that she performed, is written about how she overcame her anxiety. A professional music video of her song can be found on YouTube.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about Stendal include that fact that she is Norwegian. She really values her heritage and visits her family often. She enjoys traveling and has been to Europe more than ten times. She is very close with her family. Her dad is a pilot and her mom is a behavior consultant. Her mom works with kids at their homes and at their school. Along with guitar, she plays the piano and ukulele. She plays all of her instruments by ear.

Looking at the different people of Etown, Stendal’s positive personality stands out as she brightens the lives of those around her.

Etown’s Got Talent Review

On Friday April 6, Elizabethtown’s second annual Etown’s Got Talent took place. The show was run by the sophomore class of 2020 with Emily Perry and Ethan Waugh hosting. I did not particularly like their hosting because it felt very childish. Etown’s Got Talent consisted of nine acts that performed their unique talents while competing for first, second and third place.

The first act was titled “This is Me” which was performed by Sara Palatnik and Cheryl Errichetti. Beautiful singing and piano playing accompanied the dancing to “The Greatest Showman’s” popular song. The two women looked content and strong as they gave their emotional and empowering performance. When they finished, they were greeted by applause from the crowd. I really enjoyed how each women brought their talents together.

The second act “Avian Dance” was performed by Joseph Wunderlich. He played an original song on his guitar that was not only very soothing but wonderfully written. The song was very soft and relaxing and, not a sound escaped from the crowd as Wunderlich played. I felt the emotion that was being portrayed throughout his act.

The third act was titled “Beating of the Box” and performed by John Duttenhofer. Duttenhofer had a brilliant beatboxing act that surprised many in the crowd who watched in awe as Duttenhofer was able to create music just by using his mouth, making unbelievable sounds. Duttenhofer showed his different skills and performed different songs. I was not expecting Duttenhofer to perform as well as he did.

The fourth act was titled “Get Out of My Life” and performed by Josh Fishman. Fishman played electric guitar while singing an original song, showcasing power and soul. The crowd cheered as Fishman played encouraging him on. I did enjoy this song and I was glad to see another person expressing their emotions through music.

The fifth act was titled “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” and was performed by Dylan Warner and Hannah Paymer and was a recreation of the broadway hit “The Book of Mormon.” Their act was silly and the two did a great job telling a story of a male character who feels inferior to all of those around him. The act was playful and the two performers had great chemistry. This was my least favorite act. I felt that it was too dramatic and silly, but I also do not know anything about the musical.

The sixth act was titled “Rising” and was performed by Elise Stendal. This is an original song that Stendal wrote and currently has a music video on Youtube for, showcasing her amazing voice. Stendal had a strong, beautiful voice that told a story of how she found her strength in times of darkness. Stendal’s voice was my favorite of the night. I really enjoyed the message behind her words and felt that it was very encouraging.

The seventh act was a different. It was a juggling performanced by Brad Vasilik. Vasilik used different objects to juggle, even getting on a unicycle to showcase his tricky and difficult talent. Vasilik even juggled in the dark with glow in the dark balls. It was very entertaining and stood out from the previous music acts. I was glad to watch an act that did not involve singing. It felt fresh and was entertaining.

The eighth act was titled “You Raise Me Up” and was performed by Megan Stone. Stone showcased her strong and powerful voice, filling the auditorium with the beautiful song’s meaning. The audience joined in and waved their phones in the air casting light on the singer while she performed in the now lit stage. I enjoyed this act and particularly liked the audience’s interactions.

The ninth act was titled “Hunter & Friends” and was performed by Hunter Reiner, his father, and his friend. The trio played rock and took up the whole stage, constantly moving around to the beat of the music. Hunter took over the drums from his dad and had a solo in the middle of the act proving that not only was he talented at the guitar, but was very talented at the drums as well. I enjoyed how comfortable all of the participants seemed as their performed. It felt like they have done this before.

The show came to the end and it was time to announce the winner, voted by the crowd. In third place, was Vasilik and his juggling act, in second place was Stendal and her beautiful song, and in first was Reiner with his Hunter and Friends act. Hunter accepted his award and his father looked unbelievably proud of his son who not only showed Etown his talent, but showed his passion for music as well.

Elise Stendal’s second place trophy

All of the participants entertained Etown students and should be proud of their talents.

Jerica Shuck: Humans of Etown

By Miranda Fedor and Brianna Titi

Miranda: “Hi, what is your name?”

Jerica Shuck: “My name is Jerica Shuck.”

Miranda: “And what year are you?”

Jerica: “I’m a senior.”

Miranda: “What is your major and minor?”

Jerica: “So my major is english and I have a concentration in professional writing and my minor is in communications.”

Miranda: “And what is a memorable memory you have had at Etown?”

Jerica: “There are a lot. I’m in Mad Cow, the campus improve group, and last year I got to experience the senior show and be a part of it. And that’s essentially whenever all of the seniors in the group get to plan, and place all of us in whatever games they want to play. And on our last game last year, last year, I like did my thing and then went off to the side of the stage and joined all of the other members of the group and I got to watch as all of the seniors did like their last scenes and it was really, really emotional. It was like the first time I’ve ever cried in front of an audience that big or in front of like a lot of people generally. Just looking at them as their like finishing their scenes kind of makes me think that’s going to be me this year too, but also how thankful I am that I could be a part of that experience for them.”

Miranda: “Thank you!”

Jerica: “You’re welcome!”

Watch Jerica’s interview above.

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Etown Lacrosse: 100th goal for Carly Thompson

Senior Carly Thompson celebrated after scoring her 100th goal of her career following Marymount’s defeat February 28. Thompson was not aware that she achieved this accomplishment, “I honestly had no idea,” Thompson said, “It was pretty cool.”

It was a beautiful evening for a game. The crowd was cheering for each respectable team.

Thomson brought the game to a tie at 1:46 during the first half with each team having one goal. At 22:03 the Saints had the lead with the score being 4-1.

Thompson’s 100th goal brought the teams back to a tie at 4-4.

Madelyn Baker scored shortly after that, giving Elizabethtown the lead for the first time since the game started. Baker scored again three and a half minutes later bringing their score up to 6-4.

The crowd showed their support, hoping the team could keep the lead.

Liah Agouras of the Saint’s scored her first goal of the season bring their score back up to 6-5. With Backer’s help, Etown tied the game again with the score being 6-6.

Kirstin Quilty, a senior lacrosse player, admits that it’s been sad playing knowing that it is her last season.  “Playing lacrosse has had a huge impact on my experience here. It has helped me to be more cognizant of my time management. I also think that it has helped me to be a hard worker as well as take criticism well. I also think that playing lacrosse has helped me live a healthier lifestyle,” Quilty said, “To incoming players, I would like them to know that there will be ups and downs always but in the end, it is completely worth it. Make a goal every day to make a memory.”

Right before half time, the Saint’s scored two more goals making the half time score 8-7.

The second half of the game started, and Marymount scored three goals before Katie Thompson, Ziegler and Thomason added three more goals for Etown bring the game to yet another tie.

With yet another tie, the crowd cheered endlessly giving the players words of encouragement.

Jess Pron, an Etown student attending the game, commented on how intense the game was.

“They’re doing pretty good, the season just started, and I think they have a lot in them,” Pron said.

The Saint’s called a timeout and after which they scored six consecutive goals making the score 17-11. Thompson scored again with only 6:35 left to go. Bridgette Stacom from Marymount followed with her own score, continuing the Saint’s six-point lead.

Thomson ended up with a team high of scoring six points during the game. Backer had a hat trick.

This is Thompson’s last season as she is a senior for Etown. When asked what advice she would give to rising freshman, Thompson said, “Play like it’s your last season every season.”

“I think we did play well together and were taking strides forward,” Thompson said, “Everything is a lesson.”

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Are You Excited About the Bowers Center for Sports, Fitness and Well Being Facility?

The new Bowers Center for Sports, Fitness and Well Being has been in progress since the groundbreaking ceremony held on February 2. According to President Carl J. Strikwerda, the new addition will be “the largest facility to be constructed on our campus since Leffler Chapel and Performance Center was added over 20 years ago.”


The new building is being built with the idea that it is for “every student, every day.” With the idea of the new edition to the college, Madeline Bender, who is a first-year student, commented on her views. She admitted she did not know much about the facility before the groundbreaking ceremony. She thinks it is a great idea because the current fitness center, the Body Shop, can become a little cramped, preventing her from going. “I think it will also be very valuable to all the athletic teams we have on campus,” Madeline said. She thinks she will use the facility once it is completed.


Dante Allen, a junior, will have graduated when the building is complete. He believes it is a waste of money and will not be a good addition. He explains that since Etown is not a Division 1 school, the money should be put towards academics. “I think the students are looking forward to it foolishly, but I would like to believe the faculty sees the problems with the new structure,” Dante said. He does not currently use the Body Shop and said that he would not use the building given the opportunity.


Dr. Kirsten Johnson, professor of communications, hopes that the new fitness center will be a critical focal point to possible incoming students. Johnson currently uses the Body Shop but is not happy with the facility. “I’m excited for it to open, to be able to use a state of the art facility that’s less dingy,” Johnson said. She feels the new facility will give her more opportunities to workout since the Body Shop is usually overcrowded.


In the email sent to the students by Strikwerda, the building will be, in total, 78,000 square feet. There will be room for the wellness and athletic programs that can use the new group fitness studios, wellness classrooms, spin studios, training treatment areas, and office spaces. There will also be a demonstration kitchen that can be used for health programs or courses.


For the athletic teams, there

Current Fitness Center

will be six team locker rooms, three courts and a 180-meter track. There will be no competitions held since the track is not to regulation. Instead, the building will be used for practice, strength and conditioning. “The price tag went up millions when we looked into expanding the track,” said Johnson.


The new building will not only be a fitness center but will also have a café and smoothie bar to offer healthier snacks to students. Hopefully, students will be attracted to the relaxing fire place located in the new living room. There will also be a fire pit outside.