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An Athlete and a Scholar


Matthew Strubinger is a student athlete at Elizabethtown College. He is part of the Track and Field team where he runs Hurdles and throws the Javelin. Matt has to balance his time between track and field and his studies. Matt is a Political Science Major with a minor in Communications. In order to get an idea for how Matt is able to keep his grades up as well as be part of a sports team, I interviewed him and asked him some questions.


Matt Strubinger was born on March 14, 1998 in Lehighton Pa. His parents’ names are Gerald and Carolyn and he has an older sister Katrina, who goes to college at Rider University. Matt grew an interest in sports as a young kid. He played football in high school and also ran indoor and outdoor track.  He was also a successful student and he strived to get the best grades he possibly could in high school. Matt had a job in high school as he worked for his local bridge crew.


    When asked how he is able to keep a high GPA as well as devote time to track and field, he answered, “You gotta work hard and play hard. You have to set goals for yourself and always put the work first. Sometimes I  study during weekends as well as on bus rides home from meets.”

In order to get a feel for what Matt’s favorite part about going to Elizabethtown College is, I went ahead and asked him. He answered “I really enjoy being a part of the team because I have met so many friends. My friends that I have made are truly my favorite part of being at Elizabethtown College. I love hanging out with them and playing kan jam with them.”

Teammates opinion

A fellow team member of Matt’s, Curtis Reynolds, was asked about Matt.  I asked Curtis how much of a good sport he thought Matt was and how he thought of him as a fellow athlete. “Matt is always very respectful, especially towards his competition. He always leaves everything out there on the track. He is also very respectful to the coaches and never talks back to them. I honestly think the guy is captain material for next year,” says Curtis.


I wanted to get a feel for what it is like for Matt when he is overwhelmed from school and track. I wanted to see whether or not Matt had trouble in school or if he had a tutor. “I have a tutor in Stats because it is my weakest subject. The tutor helps me get through class and  make sure that I have a good enough grade in the class.” Matt intends on keeping his grades up throughout his college career as best as he can to solidify a decent job in his field of study.


Matt is overall a hardworking individual who loves Elizabethtown College and competing in Track.  Matt is well respected by many people at Etown college. He loves his field of study and intends on keeping it for all four years of college.








The popular hip hop group, BROCKHAMPTON released their third studio album in 2017. The album starts off with the song GUMMY, which is an upbeat song about the drug use of today’s world and how it is negatively affecting our society. The song is a good way to start the album because of how it is upbeat and exciting. It draws the listener in and makes them interested in the album from the start.

The next song is titled QUEER. This song discusses what it is like for the frontman of the group to be a gay black male living in America. The song discusses how it is hard for him to fit in and he still receives ridicule for his sexuality. Kevin Abstract, the frontman of the group is still proud of who he is and talks about that in the song.

The song SWEET is another single off of the album. It has a very unique beat as it sounds as though there is some type of arabian instrument being played in the background. The song is all done by Ameer Vann as he is the only member of the group to rap on the track, unlike most songs which feature multiple members of the group. The song discusses how deep down (under the surface level) everyone’s the same and we should be proud of who we are. The song is conveying the message that we can’t change who we are on the outside, but inside we can work to become better humans on the inside.

The final song of the album, JUNKY is a drug ballad about Matt Champion’s struggle with drug use. This song is a lot slower and more calm than most of the tracks on the rest of the album. It features Champion’s vocals singing about the pain which he has experienced in life and how he has learned to overcome it. The song has a melancholy mood to it and has a depressing beat, giving the listener a feel for Champion’s negative experiences.

One of the most popular songs on the album, SWAMP, is an upbeat song about how the group is gaining popularity and how they are able to make a good amount of money from the rap game. The song discusses how even though the group isn’t the biggest name in rap at the moment, they are still able to be successful. The song features Ameer Vann in the first verse where he talks about his past life of selling dope. He also talks about how he used to rob peoples’ homes as well for money. Merlyn Wood also talks about his past when he was in college. He mentions that he left college to pursue his dream which was to be involved in music. The song is saturated with events from the members past, and it relates these events to their current success as a rap group.

Overall, Saturation II is a remarkable piece of modern day hip hop as it uses multiple samples from songs, classic beats, and very polished sounds. The vocals also have very crisp and clear sounds to them. The songs are all arranged in a perfect order which makes the album pleasurable from start to finish. I highly recommend that everyone should listen to this album in its entirety.

Men’s Lacrosse Takes Their First Loss

On Friday March 9th, Elizabethtown College Men’s lacrosse suffered their first loss to #20 Christopher Newport in a 7-8 battle. The team would have pulled of the victory if it wasn’t for Christopher Newport scoring two goals late in the fourth quarter, including one with just 5:13 to spare in the game.

The blue jays were off to a hot start by scoring 3 goals in the third quarter. Griffin Liebsch scored the very first goal of the game. The Blue Jays then also scored two more consecutive goals, before the Captains finally got a goal on the board at the end of the quarter.

In the second quarter, The Blue Jays were able to score a goal right off the bat. Kyle Pienik scored a goal to put the Jays up 4-1. The Captains quickly answered with two goals from their midfielder. The Jays were able to score another goal right before halftime, as Jack Myers was able to get the ball past the goalie with a shot off the post.
At the start of the second half, the Captains put up a goal making the score 5-4. The Blue Jays quickly responded to this goal when Sophomore, Scott Nizolak scored a goal. With 2 minutes left in the third, Christopher Newport was able to score again. The score at the end of the third quarter was then 6-5 Blue Jays.

When Griffin Liebsch was asked what he thought of the game he said, ”I thought we had the game in the bag until the fourth quarter when I noticed our guys were getting kind of tired.”
In the beginning of the fourth the Captains put up a goal, tying the ball game. However, the Blue Jays quickly answered with a goal

from Sophomore Mike Scrafano. The Blue Jays had the lead 7-6 and tried to hold onto the lead. They could not seem to get the win however as Christopher Newport then scored two goals to give them the lead, ultimately giving them the victory.

Cody Richter was asked what he thought they could have done better in order to secure the win. “ I think we played a good game overall but we definitely got too sloppy towards the end of the game. I also think a couple of penalties did not help either. “
Brandon Sankey said, “ They just out hustled us. We couldn’t hold them off towards the end. I think we definitely gave them a run for their money because they are a really good lacrosse team.“
The Blue Jays are taking on Franklin and Marshall this saturday at 1:00 PM.

Relay for Life

     On March 23, 2018, Elizabethtown College will be hosting relay for life to promote cancer awareness. This event will be held at Elizabethtown College, at the Thompson Gymnasium.  There will be luminaria available to anyone who makes a donation. These luminaria represent those who have been battling with or have lost their lives due to cancer.

 The event will be featuring an opening ceremony where someone will talk about the event in detail and its purpose. After that, there will be a walk in which people who donate to the organization, can participate. At the end of the event, there will be a closing ceremony in which someone will honor all of those who have been affected by cancer in any way.

Colleges against Cancer is an organization which is located at Elizabethtown College and is in charge of organizing the event. The organization is made up of students who are to attend meetings in order for everything to get done before the event in the spring.

When AJ Calabrese was asked what he was doing to prepare for the event,he responded by saying, “ I attend meetings and I am told to attend these meetings every monday at 9 PM. “ Calabrese also then went on to discuss the goals of the organization, as to how much money they plan on raising. “ Our goal this year is $55,000 but we have only been able to raise $5,000 this year so far.” When asked how much money he has raised so far, Calabrese said,” I’ve personally raised $15, but I plan on raising more before the deadline.”

Some of the sports teams here at Elizabethtown are involved in Relay for Life. The softball team for example, has its own team for relay and all of the players were told by their coach to raise $15 each. When asked how much money she raised Amber Sergas said, “ I’ve personally only raised $15, but some of the other girls on the team have raised a lot more. “ Sergas also then went on to say, “ the coach strongly encourages us to raise as much money as we can.”

Bree Komiskee, who is also apart of the Colleges against Cancer foundation was asked how much money she has raised so far and she said,” I have personally raised $25 and I am happy with that amount!.” The students who are involved in this organization, have all had to donate some amount of money in order to be apart of the organization.  When asked how the organization going to be sure that it meets its donation goals, Bree said, “ everyone is going to have to step their game up and try to raise more money. I personally am going to have to start asking more of my friends and family to give donations.”

With all of this being said, Relay for Life is going to be here before we know it. There is a lot to still be done, as well as a lot to look forward to in this upcoming event.