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The Life of Olivia Mcintosh

From the soft unfamiliar face, the words laid the foundation describing this young woman’s life “My name is Olivia McIntosh and I am 19 years old.” This student at Elizabethantown has prevailed a lot in her short life, moving from persons to person impacting each one. Originally from Harlem, New York, Olivia’s life growing up was heavily influenced by the city scene that surrounded her. With her mother’s decision to move into the suburbs of northern New York, her life blossomed into many different, and new opportunities. by moving to the suburbs, olivia not only had more space to clear her thought but also found a love in running. by running everyday she was able to clear her thoughts and focus on her school work. With the beautiful countryside that surrounded her, and the wild animals all around she slowly became more intriguing and thoughtful over time. When discussing how she managed to decide what was best for the next chapter of her life, she stated “ I knew that my love of science would draw me to a school that could support my needs for taking me to the next level.” Her deep understanding of what needs to be done, took her to the next level at a young age easily sets her apart from her classmates. Not only does her wisdom of life allow her to approach it in such an ambitious way, she also has a very deep understanding of her own live and self worth. “ I am a person who walks the line between Introverted and Extroverted, in other words, Ambivalent. This balanced personality helps me be the great person who I believe I am.” The college life has only helped further shape her beliefs of life and what she should accomplish, it has helped her place value in the many friends that surround her. Talking to one of Olivia’s close friends, Kayla Patone stated, “Olivia’s true friendship from the start made me realize how somebody should truly treat you.” In less than a year Olivia has positively influenced those that have realized just how much of a  true friend and person she is. Though she may come across as a closed of isolated person, she does like to enjoy herself, “ I love hanging around people, enjoying large or small groups of company, I love outdoor activities and I love having something to do in general all the time.” although  Olivia loves her friends she does appreciate being alone with her own thoughts periodically, she feels that for one to truly understand themselves, personal reflection is the best approach. When asked to describe herself , she felt that “attentive, empathetic, compassionate, rough, strong-willed, stubborn, well-rounded, and open” all best summarize her personality and best quality. When asked why, her response was quite thoughtful she resonded with “These personal traits turn me into a person who is an Optimist, a Realist and also a Pessimist. They also turn me into a Liberal, someone who agrees with Democrats but also agrees with Republicans. The traits all represent that i am a  ambiguous person .” With asking Olivia how she feels about her life and whether or not she thinks that much has been accomplished, she had a very simple response. “I am an achiever and I’m a person who knows when to stop and when to go. I cannot tell you where I will go from here, but with the positivity I have brought along with me, I can tell you I have always put the best foot forward for the betterment of not just myself, but those that surround me.”

Humans of Etown

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Student speaks on the Marketplace Food Quality.

Having been at Elizabethtown college for over half a year now, I decided to ask for others input on the food that is served to the student body.


Ken Berkenstock/Question: Having been at Etown College for over half a year now as a freshman, your choices with where or how to eat your meals were somewhat limited. With eating at the market place for a majority of your meals how would you rate the food. Are there any improvements that you would make, and is there anything that those that cooks currently excel in.


Collin Griffiths/Response: I would rate the food about a seven. I think that they really excel at their pizza, I love the Pizza bars and eat there about every day. I’d like to see if they would want to put out more mac n’ cheese. The Americanized Asian cuisine days are also very good. The general tso’s chicken and Mongolian bowls is also very good. The grill is also an awesome place to look for a consistent, solid meal. If I could improve anything, definitely would want to focus on fruit and having it everyday.

Reviewing Rainbow Six Seige

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Reviewing Rainbow Six Siege

Describing a game in which one blows open a family room as a strategic play, you would have Rainbow Six Seige.Today siege has taken a much different approach of a 5v5 attack and defense. The strategic first person shooting online experience takes place between well-equipped military special forces squads on tight civilian building based maps. A unique take on strategy and smart play over simply run and gun aiming gives a distinct feel,often unavailable from games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Sometimes figuring out which door to simply barricade, or even blow open, can be just as impactful.

From its very humbling beginning, Rainbow six has attracted the following of the ever hungry gaming community. A very dedicated team of developers, along with a connected community, rainbow is the epitome of what every gamer hopes their virtual enjoyment can be. Though not all was perfect for the now highly acclaimed game. Since its launch in 2016, Rainbow Six Siege was plagued with a multitude of issues that. From bugs that sent the player going through the map, to not even being able to load into a lobby for hours at a time. A lack of backing from the community, along with doubts of the game even being looked at again by the developers after launch, Rainbow very well was once considered another game with high expectations with very weak results.

Though this would change within a year of release. Developers at Ubisoft noted the games “great beauty” couldn’t go unfixed. After a year of going through and fixing bugs, nerfing over/under powered operators, and unfair objective placement on maps, Ubisoft had laid the pieces for one of the most enjoyed games, even till this day. Rainbow now boasts one of the longest records of continuous online gameplay since its launch. Adding free DLC content has also helped boost the community backing of Rainbow. Most Developers elected to start charging for additions for their games, this has often lead to a split community.

With the continuous effort of the developers at Ubisoft, Rainbow has more content then most ever expected, essentially a player can play both with multiple different operators for attack and defence, never once finding boredom. The game currently has 40 different operators, each with his or her own special ability, forcing both the teams to play to each operators strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses. The right combo with your team can be deadly, but the wrong combo can leave a team easily off balanced. Strategy is everything when it comes to rainbow. A good shooter may be able to take down an opponent or two, a good strategist can easily clean out an ill prepared team.

Rainbows different operators bring about the true uniqueness of the game. When looking at the operator, depending on the approach taken by the player there are two key components, armour and speed. A more heavily armoured player will be more of the tank with attack, or the main objective defender. With a more speed based operator, rushing on attack or roaming while your team is defending is the more effective approach. With looking at attack, Ash is considered one of the most effectively used operators. Her high speed, dangerous carbine, and grenade launcher ability has earned her the position of the most used operator in both ranked, and national Rainbow tournaments. With defence, Castle is definitely a major contributor with his metal bullet proof barricades. His well balanced design of speed and armour, along with a highly accurate carbine has also earned him the place of most used defender.

No matter what your reason for playing Rainbow Six Siege, the game is undeniably a well designed first person shooter. Its uniqueness with maps and complex strategic thinking with playing, has enticed a new renaissance of gaming. With only having 40 of the 100 expected operators, Rainbow has a long way to go. This may very well be a greatly rated game now, but one can only imagine what else can be done to improve the game.Image result for rainbow six siege

The Deciding Shot

The Christian Youth Organization game at the Nook athletic facility always seemed to have an interesting ending. The teams consisted of a solid mix of skill, often leading to a close game ending. The teams, were made up of younger and older players. Will Riva, Richard Riva Jr. and Chris Carl were the top scores of the game, all on the blue jersey team. Although recently deciding to start playing for the CYO catholic team, they were an unstoppable group. Will Riva, the team’s main point guard, said “ The CYO events give me the opportunity to show my skill. Being at a collegiate level at Villanova, I can’t play unless I make the team. With my major being in accounting, I just don’t have the time.”

The game would be the blue jersey team against the white jersey team. Although the white uniform dressed team didn’t look like much, they were fast. They would start off the game with two three point shot bringing the game to a 6-0 lead within 30 seconds. Though this lead would be lost within the next minute. Riva Jr. would go on to knock down three two-pointers with two rebounds in the process. Though, this would only be the beginning for the white team. Will, Richard, and Chris would go on 22 point drive. Six rebounds, two steals and a plethora of points, the white dressed team appeared to have control of the rest of the game.

The white’s lead drive couldn’t go on forever. With sinking a clean three-point shot through the net, Richard celebrated. The distaste could be seen in the face of the competitors in blue. They were motivated for some revenge. They would return with a 8-2 run, attempting to at least get close to even the score. The board read 24-14 white. Chris Carl, a 14 year-old player, showed little emotion “We were going to beat them, it doesn’t matter by how much, I just know I am walking home another victory heavier.”

Going into the second half of the game, there was intense defense. The game went on in favor of the blue team due to the large amount of players they had on the bench. The score tied going into the last 20 seconds of the game. With the white team heading up the floor, Chris Carl would complete the unusual strategy. With Riva heading up the court, the chance of winning fell upon his shoulders. Chris charged towards Will, in an attempt to try and confuse the opposing team’s player. It worked perfectly, the defender started to rush towards Chris’s open corner, only to turn and see that Chris was the one yelling “I got point!”

Will Riva drained the deciding three. When asked if there was any doubt, Will responded “When I play golf I don’t think about my swing, and it goes in with my skill. It’s no different when it comes to shooting in basketball.” That was that, the white team was walking away a winner, a win heavier. There was no cheering or celebration. The team simply said their thanks and quietly walked out as a band of brothers. They knew they were good, there was just the want to be humble.

The Baby and the Bird

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Introduction to Writing Across the Media


The Baby and Bird

The onlookers eyes lay glazed in the vision of the speaker. A 7 P.M. class was less than ideal for most of the students attending. Although the speaker and the presentation was quite interesting. The speaker, Dr. David Downing, gave a presentation detailing the accounts of WW1 and the effect the war had on some of the greatest literature ever written. Narnia and Lord of the Rings are considered some of the most cherished literature, but how much is know of the authors.

These great tales begin in the dark, barren lands of Europe and its trenches. Both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis would see these unimaginable terrors up front. “Having both been at Oxford, the demand to fight for their country was there” Dr.Downing stated in the presentation.

“ Though neither were actually from the British mainland,” Downing chuckled at this statement. With being transferred to the front lines, the foundation of both books would be laid. When asking a fellow student James Vernon about how he viewed the presentation his response was simple “Downing brings life into a simple presentation, what may be perceived as a simple lecture has a greater means with him speaking.”

Downing touched upon the importance Oxford would play for both these writers. When they returned from the war, each learned of their own intentions of writing about these “fantasies”. The writers would eventually come together and meet at their favorite bar, The Baby and Bird. Their group would eventually expand and included others to look upon the writings and have their own input. Dr. Downing would go on to explain the importance that this would play in shaping each chapter, for the better or the worse. Caleb Clements also a fellow student felt that “What may seem like an uninteresting topic for a bio major still grabbed my attention with great interest.”

One of the key aspects of both stories would be how Christianity was tied into each of the writers stories. Multiple aspects for each writer’s life is deeply entwined with the writings. WW1 would be the push that opened up each authors ideas and truest feelings. With J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing, the characters are also perceived as being a band of brothers, just as him and his fellows in the unit were considered. Each character has strengths and weaknesses that were key to making the group complete. With C.S. Lewis the same could be seen with his writings, though there would be an aspect that would be seen with darker emotions. Battles would carry the same erie strategies of WW1, large mass charges towards the enemy lines would be seen in particular battle scenes. The groups would be mercilessly mowed down with no success, just as in WW1.

Ultimately, these findings played a big part in allowing students to have a deeper understanding of what these great stories stored. Often it is thought that key events give true depth to what the author is writing of. The events that are felt or seen are redistributed through the words of an author. This attempt at giving fuller meaning may not always be transferred exactly as wanted. Overall emotions can only be shared so much, it is the skill of the author that is able to capture this moment and pass it.