Kaitlyn Hamilton: A Bluejay Ready to Fly

Kaitlyn, on the left, at a show for Romeo and Juliet

Life on Campus

Kaitlyn spends her time on campus recharging from the stresses of being a student. Life as an education major and juggling classes as well as job shadowing as a teacher can take its toll. She is not involved with clubs on campus, but the nice thing about college is that it’s a blank canvas for you to create what you want with it.

In her free time, she loves to watch the show Good Omens, starring David Tenant and Michael Sheen. She also enjoys eating fried pickles late at night, from the late-night snack truck at Etown.

Future Plans

Kaitlyn is an education major at Elizabethtown College. She migrated over here from the greater Philadelphia area to pursue her education. As a Bluejay, she decided to be an education major in order to become a teacher.

She is currently in her junior year, which means during her semester, she is able to work as an assistant teacher in schools around the area. Right now, she teaches middle schoolers at Manheim Central Middle School and it’s really cool to hear how she influences the minds of the young. Education is an extremely important role in our society.

She hopes to teach English after she gets a job teaching, since it’s her passion. Once she graduates, she will hopefully return to the Philadelphia area to teach.

Teaching is Kaitlyn’s passion. She said that she will teach until she dies because it’s what she loves. She plans on using her teaching position to eventually go back to school and obtain a master’s degree.

She said she just wants to do anything that will make her happy and fulfilled. She will take whatever opportunities are thrown at her to achieve this.

Other Factoids

Kaitlyn also might write a book. As an English major and buff, she loves reading and writing. One of her favorite writers is Shakespeare. We went to the showing of Romeo and Juliet together and it was amazing. She takes a class about analyzing Shakespearean plays and dramas and she really enjoys it.

If Kaitlyn were an animal, she would choose to be a bat because they are nocturnal and have echolocation. In addition, they live in caves and hibernate.

She appreciates their symbolic relationship to Halloween as well, since Halloween is her favorite holiday.


Elizabethtown, Pa. — Steven hails from the mound of sand that is Las Vegas, Nevada, Steven began playing the piano in the first grade and has now been playing for 16 years. He graduated from the AMSAT program at Clark High School in 2015. Steven Roldan is an Elizabethtown College graduate from this past spring, he graduated with a BA in Music with concentrations in Piano, Piano pedagogy and Composition.

Before Elizabethtown

In 2014 Steven was the Nevada All State Choir Tenor 1 section leader, Vice President of Choir Council and Co-founder of Skyline student led Pop Choir.

Involvement on Campus and Locally

While Steven has since graduated he is still fairly active on campus, for instance this past October Steven played the piano at president Cecilia M. McCormick’s inauguration. Steven worked as the Organist at Riverside Methodist Church for two years until it closed in Spring of 2018. Steven also worked as the Pianist for St. Peter’s Catholic Church. Steven was also involved in the organization of praise and worship nights every few months on campus. In addition to the aforementioned type of work Steven also works as a Piano instructor and has taught students ranging from children in elementary school to individuals who are of retirement age. Some of his students have gone on to perform on campus in the preparatory division recitals. In 2018 – 2019 Steven took over the role of Music director of Vocalign co-Ed acapella group. Returning to be a host for the MVP Homecoming Show in 2019. Steven was also the President of the Bachelor of Arts in Music Organization (BAMO) from 2018 – 2019 after his time as Vice President from 2017 – 2018. As such he played a role in performances at soul cafe as well as the annual Ryan Sagedy’s Night in the City featuring BAMO. Additionally Steven would arrange songs for Melica, Vocalign and Phalanx performances which have been performed at the ICCAs. Finally Steven was also a member of the Concert Choir for seven semesters as well as the Community Choir for six semesters.


Speaking of recitals on campus Steven has had a roll in several, he gave two recitals on campus featuring music by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Ravel, Scarlatti and Kapustin. In addition to his own recitals Steven accompanied junior recitals on campus for Gabriella Clarizio in 2019 and A.J. Gaudreau in 2017. He also accompanied for the Music Therapy Fall recital in 2018 at the Masonic Village. He also accompanied PCMEA for their annual trip to Meadow Ridge retirement home. Steven also managed to win first and second prize in the PMTA’s 2019 statewide Keystone Composition Competition where he also performed the piece “Waltz of Irrationality” at Penn State for the winners recital in November.

In the Future

Steven is not currently aware of what exactly he will be doing in the future, however it is quite possible that he will no longer be on campus this upcoming semester, as he might be returning to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Humans of Elizabethtown

By: Andrew Westacott, Mike Garvey, Madison Chiaravolloti, Tim McParland

An interview with Lizzie Zonarich – Part 1
Part 2

Andrew: How’s your semester going so far?

Lizzie: So far, my semester is going by really fast, which is kind of intimidating since I’m in my junior year. So I’d say my college experience is going by fast; but I really enjoy all my classes. A lot of them are super creative and project-based and I excel in that type of learning environment. So, I’m really enjoying it and I feel like I’m getting like a lot of strategy, like thinking, from different public relations classes that I’m taking right now and I have all these creative art classes and I’m also learning a lot about art history. So, I feel like I’m learning a lot, which makes my semester great.

Andrew: Amazing. How would you describe the atmosphere of your classes, like what’s the student body like?

Lizzie: So, for my com classes, I’m really enjoying the environment because it’s all the same people that I’m always with. In the com department, we’re really close-knit, which is great. So, we all talk about our assignments together and if anyone has questions, we ask one another. So, it’s super friendly with that. And then in my art class, I’ve had a lot of new people in my classes, but it’s always fun to meet new people and in my drawing class, we have a lot of freshmen and it’s nice to look back and say “oh I was experiencing college for the first time”, just like them! But yeah, it’s great to have familiar faces but also meet new people and talk to other people.

Andrew: What are some career goals for you?

Lizzie: So, as I have stated before, I’m a graphic design major and public relations major, so I think I would either do something in graphic design because I absolutely love designing and being creative. So, I would either want to work for like a creative firm or something like that, or either start my own graphic design firm. Or, even work for a brand; I’d work for them a while and work my way up and maybe even be like a creative director and just have a vision of the brand and steer them in a clear direction.

Andrew: What do you think of LVMH trying to take over Tiffany’s?

Lizzie: So, here’s the thing: I love Tiffany’s & Co. I have been buyers of the brand for a long time and I love the experience, I love their products, but I feel like over the past couple of years, their sales have definitely been down, and I think that uh, LVMH, they certainly know how to run brands because they own several other big houses, so I think that they’re going to come in there and kind of give Tiffany’s a nudge in the right direction and hopefully they’ll come up with new products, um, new ways to market things to people who are in my demographic, and hopefully make stuff a little more affordable.

Andrew: Thank you so much!

Samantha Chambers: Becoming the Teacher

Samantha Chambers was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Exeter Township senior high school in May of 2017. She has worked as an intern at the Exeter Community Library during the summers of 2018-19. Samantha is currently in her third year at Elizabethtown College. She is studying early childhood education, with plans to become an elementary school teacher.

A Major Decision

During her first visit to an open house at Elizabethtown College, Samantha was unsure about which major she planned to pursue. Throughout the years, she displayed academic excellence, particularly in mathematics. As a result, she initially planned to major in secondary math education. She recalls many occasions where she would assist her peers if they did not understand a math problem. However, Samantha ultimately decided to become an early childhood education teacher. She sees the potential in all young minds, and wishes to inspire her future students by demonstrating encouragement and supporting them in any way that she can.

“Too many students look at themselves in a negative light and have a hard time believing in their own abilities. I want to impact these students and be the person in their life that shows them they can and will succeed.

I have worked with many students in my field placement who say “I can’t do it” or “it’s too hard for me.” I want to change their perspectives and turn these phrases into positive ones, such as “I can do it” and “it’s challenging, but not impossible.”

I want my students to know that everyone learns differently, and that is okay.”

Positive Mindset

Overall, Samantha seeks to be a positive figure in her students’ lives. She has already seen the impact she has made in the lives of her students at field placement. As she goes into her last week of full-time placement for the fall 2019 semester, she is eager to see how much she has impacted her students.

She believes an important aspect of being a teacher is being able to build trust with her students to ensure they feel comfortable with opening up to her if they are struggling. Samantha also looks to focus on improving her students’ social-emotional learning while encouraging them to succeed academically.

Humans of Etown

By: Madison Chiaravolloti, Mike Garvey, Andrew Westacott, and Tim McParland

Story #2

Mike Christy Interview

Mike Garvey: I just want to start by making sure I have consent to conduct this interview.

Mike Christy: Yes, you do.

Mike Garvey: So, describe one event this semester than was the highlight of your semester.

Mike Christy: An event that was the highlight of my semester would probably be the Post Malone concert that I went to with my girlfriend. Post Malone is one of my favorite artists ever. And my girlfriend really likes him too. And it was a great time and it was in Atlantic City so it’s not something I get to experience all the time. It was in the middle of the semester so it was a nice event to kind of break up the schoolwork and things like that and get away with my girlfriend and do something fun.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Citizen Journalism